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My thumb is hurting...

June 11, 2004

... I have been playing too much of "Alien Scum" on my mobile (SonyEricsson T630).

There is something special about low tech games that makes them addicting. You will not see any fancy 3D graphics or stunning animations. Still, this repetitive game is very addicting.

Alien Scum reminds a lot of Alien Invaders. Kill all aliens on the screen to advance a level. This version adds some power ups but in my opinion, it doesn't match up to the original.

You should be able to get it FREE from the SonyEricsson mobile site.

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  1. Matt Says:

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    Check out my unofficial Alien Scum info: www.hypostatize.net/alienscum.htm

  2. Pedro Says:

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  3. scarlettholly Says:

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    Wicked game. I want it for my mobi, but I don't think I can. v jealous. Its all about the low-tech.

  4. scarlettholly Says:

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    email me and i'll send you a gmail invite.

  5. abdal Says:

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    how do you unlokck a k700i phone so i can put eny sim card i want because i got a vodaphone sim and i want it to do 02.

    David says:

    Check out DavinciTeam.com.

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