L’artisan du chocolat: The best chocolat in the world ever

liquid caramelIt is a bold statement to make but were there any finer chocolate in the world, tasting it would a be life threatening experience.
Some time ago at the Gordon Ramsey restaurant we were served truffles with the coffee. The dinner had been an amazing gourmet experience but it was the taste and texture of the truffles that left the most lingering impression.
Recently I was presented with a box of assorted truffles from L’artisan du chocolat and I immediately recognised those truffles.
Looking through their detailed “product catalog” I realised why the truffles hadn’t been matched by any other brand for over 3 years.
The liquid caramel truffles contain a hint of sea salt. They do not taste salty yet the salt cuts the rich sweetness of the caramel.
Not being aware of this ingredient, the truffles create an unexplainable chocolate experience.
It turns out that L’artisan du chocolat have a large assortment of chocolate products.
From classics that any reputable chocolatier should produce (pralines, ganaches, marzipan, truffles) to modern and creative works like chocolate pearls and lollichocs.
Their ganaches come from many different plantations around the world and contain various levels of cocoa. You can choose between 33% from Madagascar all the way to 70% from Madong (Papua New Guinea).
All products have a beautiful finish and many are colourful and look like miniature art.
Here is a challenge for you:
If you believe you know of finer chocolate (truffles specifically) than L’artisan du chocolat ship a sample to me and I will ship a sample of L’artisan du chocolat signature truffles* back.
Alternatively let me know where in London I can get hold of your favorite chocolate.
We’ll have a tasting session and if we both agree that the chocolate you provided is a more divine experience (not likely) I will capitulate and update this article appropriately.
*125g token box, approx value £8.50 excluding shipping

Swedish meatballs

swedishmeatballs.jpgSome of the more Swedish dishes would be herring, smoked salmon, beef with beet root and fried potatoes and sausage cubes (pytt i panna). Swedish Meatballs, though, is probably the most Swedish dish of all dishes. You can find the ingredients anywhere in the world.
For 4 – 5 portions you need: roughly 400 g of mixed minced meat; 3/4 dl of bread crumbs (you can also crush dry white bread); 2 dl of milk; 1 – 1,5 teaspoon salt; 1/2 teaspoon white or black pepper; 1 tablespoon grated onion; 1 egg.

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