It should be done by now

In case you haven’t noticed, you have arrived to an updated version of “The Story”.
The main reason behind the switch of hosting providers was an increased storage requirement, mainly for photos (there are MANY wedding photos itching to be uploaded).
I also took the opportunity to upgrade several components of the site. A new Movable Type installation with better control over comments, a new phpBB installation that fixes that annoying exploit, a fresh new Gallery (currently with some issues) and more.
There are ambitions of a total redesign in the near future, let’s hope they real.
That is all I have to say for a while…

It has begun

I have decided to switch hosting providers due to a growing archive of photos.
With my new provider I will get 3000MB of storage compared to 250MB of storage with my old provider. The new provider also works out slightly cheaper.
I have updated the DNS records for my domain name and it will take anything between 0 and 48 hours to propagate all across the Internet.
Meanwhile you may arrive at the old location or the new location or alternate between them.
Quite a lot of manual work was required to move the MySql data, phpBB, Gallery of photos, movable type db, custom scripts, http configs and more. I should write it up because it could serve as a starting point for other people in my situation.
Have fun, see you in my new home in 48 hours.
PS “ipconfig /flushdns” may help