Yes it is 5:01am.
Ginger, our Golden Retriever, has just had her fourth and last puppy.
Surely she is able to take care of her newborn pups so it’s time to get a few hours rest.
Zzorry for the incoherent writing.

Turns out that last puppy was not so last after all.
Two more puppies were delivered before 7am. By then I had already passed out in the living room, so I did not notice.
Prepare yourselves for a whole load of puppy photos in the near future. Eating puppies, sleeping puppies, puppies playing and puppies in jars… no, not that, sorry.

Turns out that the six puppies are all boys. What is the chance of that?! (Actually it is 0.5^6 or 1:64 or 1.6%).
Since we cannot keep them all, 5 of these Golden Retriever puppies in London will be for sale second week of August. This of course after an excrutiating interview process 🙂
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imageI am freakin heavy. That was the only thing I could think about during todays entire run.
Back in the days a 1 hour run was only refreshing, nowadays a 30 minute run is excruciating. The only thing that pulled me through was Blue Sonics Deapseediver*.
One positive thing with being out of shape is that you get to understand the huffing and puffing of the slightly over weight people while they work it out in the streets and parks during the weekends. I am one of them 🙂
So to all the wannabe runners that are trying hard, keep at it, it will get better. To all the aces that effortlessly run and run, please have some compassion for the ones that are trying. One day it could be you again.
* Tune in to Digitally Imported for great Trance and Dance tunes. If you use Winamp with Streamripper (free software) you can even save the high quality MP3 tunes for later 😉

SonyEricsson K750i on Vodafone

SonyEricsson kt50i Vodafone brandedThe good news is that the new SonyEricsson 2 mega pixel handset is available on Vodafone UK. The bad news is that it is heavily Vodafone Live! branded and has limited functionality compared to a standard SE handset.
1. Vodafone has disabled MP3 ring tones.
2. The user interface is different from the SE original. Buttons have been reassigned, menu icons are Vodafone versions (uglier) and have different positions.
3. Vodafone logo on bottom of phone, Vodafone button above joystick.
4. This “special” edition handset is in silver (brushed metal) unlike the standard black.
5. Vodafone Live! is accessible from at least 5 different points (buttons and menu options).
Orange has also branded the K750i. While the branding is not as heavy as the Vodafone one, the icons have been replaced with low quality version.
O2 is currently the least branded k750i, unless you get a SIM free version.
Some of these issues can be remedied. To be able to play MP3 tones, MP3s can be altered with the SonyEricsson DRM (digital rights management) packager. The packager will add the digital rights in a quick step (less then 5 seconds/ song). The files will get the dm file extension and can be used on the Vodafone Live! branded K750i as ringtones.
Location 1
After using the phone for a couple of days I find the features of the phone to outweigh the Vodafone branding so I can still recommend it, especially if it is a “free” upgrade.
The 2 MP camera is very good for a mobile phone. Maximum resolution is 1632×1224 pixels. Auto focus has been added which lets you focus on certain items by pressing down the shutter button half-way. Macro mode actually works and a light has been added to be able to take pictures in dark environments.
The phone records decent mp4 video clips as well. All can be stored a Memory Stick Pro Duo (that’s a mouthful) card which nowadays are available up to 2 GB.
Please use the Vodafone branded SonyEricsson K750i forum to post any questions.
Update 05/01/06
Just a note that I have successfully flashed my SonyEricsson k750i with the R1AA008 non-Vodafone firmware using the standard USB cable and the DaVinci Team software.
Total Vodafone debranding. The standard SE icons are much nicer. The middle button functionality is restored. Can use mp3s as ringtones. No “risk” of accidentally connecting to Vodafone Live. No annoying game demos were included. A few fully functional games and apps were included. I even chose a language combination that includes Swedish so that I can use Swedish T9.
Highly recommended!
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Roland Garros in the spring

Roland Garros welcomed us with thunder and rain but the weather cleared up quickly and the men’s semi finals were on, just 60 minutes delayed.
The match between Swiss Roger Federer and Spanish Raphael Nadal was touted as the “battle of the giants” and it really was. A truly spectacular game with the French audience adding extra spice by cheering on the players both in well and awkwardly chosen moments.
Nadal won 6-3, 4-6, 6-4, 6-3 which took him to the finals against the Argentine Puerta. A nice touch was the fact that it was Raphael’s 19th birthday. He could not have wished for a better birthday present.
Nadal went on to win the French Open last Sunday by beating Puerta 6-7, 6-3, 6-1, 7-5.