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SonyEricsson kt50i Vodafone brandedThe good news is that the new SonyEricsson 2 mega pixel handset is available on Vodafone UK. The bad news is that it is heavily Vodafone Live! branded and has limited functionality compared to a standard SE handset.
1. Vodafone has disabled MP3 ring tones.
2. The user interface is different from the SE original. Buttons have been reassigned, menu icons are Vodafone versions (uglier) and have different positions.
3. Vodafone logo on bottom of phone, Vodafone button above joystick.
4. This “special” edition handset is in silver (brushed metal) unlike the standard black.
5. Vodafone Live! is accessible from at least 5 different points (buttons and menu options).
Orange has also branded the K750i. While the branding is not as heavy as the Vodafone one, the icons have been replaced with low quality version.
O2 is currently the least branded k750i, unless you get a SIM free version.
Some of these issues can be remedied. To be able to play MP3 tones, MP3s can be altered with the SonyEricsson DRM (digital rights management) packager. The packager will add the digital rights in a quick step (less then 5 seconds/ song). The files will get the dm file extension and can be used on the Vodafone Live! branded K750i as ringtones.
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After using the phone for a couple of days I find the features of the phone to outweigh the Vodafone branding so I can still recommend it, especially if it is a “free” upgrade.
The 2 MP camera is very good for a mobile phone. Maximum resolution is 1632×1224 pixels. Auto focus has been added which lets you focus on certain items by pressing down the shutter button half-way. Macro mode actually works and a light has been added to be able to take pictures in dark environments.
The phone records decent mp4 video clips as well. All can be stored a Memory Stick Pro Duo (that’s a mouthful) card which nowadays are available up to 2 GB.
Please use the Vodafone branded SonyEricsson K750i forum to post any questions.
Update 05/01/06
Just a note that I have successfully flashed my SonyEricsson k750i with the R1AA008 non-Vodafone firmware using the standard USB cable and the DaVinci Team software.
Total Vodafone debranding. The standard SE icons are much nicer. The middle button functionality is restored. Can use mp3s as ringtones. No “risk” of accidentally connecting to Vodafone Live. No annoying game demos were included. A few fully functional games and apps were included. I even chose a language combination that includes Swedish so that I can use Swedish T9.
Highly recommended!
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10 thoughts on “SonyEricsson K750i on Vodafone”

  1. dose anyone know how to over ride the “branded” firmware and replace it with the orginal SE firmware?

    David says:
    One way is to download the firmware flash client from Da Vinci Team, purchase a credit for 10 Euro and do it your self.
    If you have SE K750i, you can even use the standard USB cable.
    Otherwise you can try locating a high street shop that will do it for you.

  2. On my K750i I seem to have every file duplicated in my pictures and mp3’s with the same name but a ._ in front. these can’t be deleted despite all efforts including putting the card on my mac any ideas?

  3. The ._ files are there BECAUSE of your mac. The macintosh uses these files to store the preferences for each icon and a thumbnail of the icon etc. The only way to get rid of them would be to remove them from the phone on a PC and then not plug the phone into a Mac again

  4. When you say you “successfully flashed” to the R1AA008, do you mean you used the SEUS system on support site? I was under the impression that Vodafone-branded k750i’s couldn’t do that.

    David says:
    Using the DaVinci Team Software.
    Just like you say, the standard SEUS will upgrade your firmware but will preserve the crippling Vodafone branding.

  5. Lyckades du få bort Vodafone Live?
    Skaffade mej just en och efter fem minuter är jag trött på den jäkla brandingen.

    David says:
    The Vodafone branding is very heavy and quite poor in my opinion.
    I was able to completely remove the Vodafone branding. The davinci team service is very easy to use with the standard USB cable.
    It should cost no more than €5.
    Added bonus was being able to select a Scandinavian firmware that added Scandinavian languages to my UK phone.

  6. Is it possible to unlock the sim to all networks using the standard DCU-60 cable or do i have to purchase a separate unlocking cable for that.

    David says:
    You will need a service cable to unlock the network lock to be able to use the phone with all networks.

  7. my sony ericsson hand set is locked to vodafone uk but will not let me make any calls i have the lead to unlock it can some one help me and show me some place to get the drivers its a k750i thanks andy

    David says:
    Not sure what you mean with “will not let me make any calls”, this sounds like a faulty phone!
    I suspect that the phone and contract is older than 1 year in which case Vodafone has to give you the unlock code. This is your cheapest and safest solution.
    To unlock the k750i all you need is the standard USB cable and an unlocking service provider.
    I have used DavinciTeam previously and can recommend their service.

  8. my sons put a phone lock on my phone, now he keeps getting it wrong and says he doesn’t know what it is, as soon as u switch on it asks for phone lock code, how do i rectify this problem?

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