TDAI: Hat-trick

tdai hat-trickhat trick; Function: noun; 3 : a series of three victories, successes, or related accomplishments.
We had been away in Prague so the destruction was understandable and quickly forgiven… despite the sentimental value that had just been so efficiently decimated.
Krtek (hedge hog) is a children’s classic in the Czech Republic and I guess his colourful hat was simply too tempting not to tear into. It made also a spectacular mess across a large area.
Kasper was a children’s book and it’s fatal characteristic was that it had a squeaking cow at the center. Once again too good to pass up on.
Finally we have the present that was not yet delivered and never will be after the butchery. A lovely Vera Wang on Weddings book. Hardcover, extra tasty.

TDAI: Ecco leather shoe

tdai-ecco-shoe.jpgFunny thing with a teared appart shoe is how useless the other shoe becomes. Unless two pairs were purchased and miraculously the dog eats the other shoe from the other pair.
Loosing this shoe was especially painful. I had spent a fair amount of time selecting the model while on a visit to Sweden but not being able to find the right size.
Later that weekend I found the right size at Copenhagen airport but at a 50% higher price (what’s up with those inflated Duty Free prices anyway).

The dog ate it

doggy.gifWith the latest destruction of our fine home phone, I have decided it is too much to keep quite about.
The humanity has to know.
A new category (The dog ate it) has been created and I expect to post regularly to it.
Below is a running total of items destroyed by our two lovely, gorgeous, wonderful, smart, little golden retriever destroying machines:
2 x Panasonic KX-TCD560ES Cordless DECT Phone
2 x Sky+ remote control
TV Globo remote control
Garmin Forerunner 301 GPS/Heart rate monitor watch
Various hand made, irreplaceable baby items
15 x various pillows
3 x various head phones
3 x various laptop adapters
Various CDs, DVDs
Various books
Various carpets, rugs
Planted flowers
8 x stem planted rose
9 x pairs of shoes (4 or so expensive Italian ladies version)
2 x leather wallets
Various furniture
2 x leather belts
Now these are just the few things I can think of off the top of my head; there were many more 🙂