The dog ate it

doggy.gifWith the latest destruction of our fine home phone, I have decided it is too much to keep quite about.
The humanity has to know.
A new category (The dog ate it) has been created and I expect to post regularly to it.
Below is a running total of items destroyed by our two lovely, gorgeous, wonderful, smart, little golden retriever destroying machines:
2 x Panasonic KX-TCD560ES Cordless DECT Phone
2 x Sky+ remote control
TV Globo remote control
Garmin Forerunner 301 GPS/Heart rate monitor watch
Various hand made, irreplaceable baby items
15 x various pillows
3 x various head phones
3 x various laptop adapters
Various CDs, DVDs
Various books
Various carpets, rugs
Planted flowers
8 x stem planted rose
9 x pairs of shoes (4 or so expensive Italian ladies version)
2 x leather wallets
Various furniture
2 x leather belts
Now these are just the few things I can think of off the top of my head; there were many more 🙂