Not snowboarding in Prague

Prague Old Square
2 years have passed since I last visited Prague and a lot has changed.
Most noticeable was the damage caused by the 2002 flooding. While a lot has been restored the rest shows just how devastating the high water was to the lower parts of central Prague.
In some areas the water line had reached 2.5 meters; damaging walls, statues, bars, shops, flats and etc. that were below.
However, many of the places that have been restored were in dear need of restoration after years of neglect during the communist regime. The result is new colourful walls and sometimes uncovered art from early 20th century.
The level of tourism has risen.. again. Walking around on Charle’s Bridge, Old Square and St. Vit Cathedral you don’t hear ANY Czech around you. While all the money that the tourism brings in is great, it is a bit shame that the prices and environment scares away the local residents.
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Big Red Button

For the last 8 days I have been enjoying snow boarding in Spindleruv Mlýn, a Czech ski resort.
While it is not the most radical resort around, the atmosphere is superb. Food is cheap and a plenty and the beer even more so. An added bonus was the fact that this trip also was a family get-together to catch up and plan the upcoming events.
While most of the boarding went OK, I had completely forgotten how to use the anchor lifts while on a snowboard. I actually tried to straddle the anchor resulting in an embarrassing situation.
While I was fumbling with the anchor it pulled away and I lost balance completely. The closest object was a rod with a big red button and I managed to regain balance by slamming down on this very button. It turned out to be the emergency stop so the whole row of couples was halted, most certainly swearing at the retard at the bottom of the slope – me.
The weather was a dream come true. Plenty of snow from earlier heavy snow falls and four days of solid sunshine.

“BUSH NEEDS YOUR HELP” (freep a poll)

The other David Kaspar over at Medienkritik recently wrote about an online poll deducted by the German newspaper Spiegel Online.
It has stirred up some emotions and has escalated to a larger discussion. While it is a clear case of Freeping (poll manipulating), I will not get into the same discussion.
If you are looking for this article, please go to: David Kaspar’s Medienkritik
deDer andere David Kaspar (von Davids Medienkritik) schrieb vor kurzem über eine Online-Abstimmung der deutschen Zeitschrift Spiegel Online.
Die Gefühle kochten hoch und es entwickelte sich daraus eine größere Diskussion. Obwohl es ein klarer Fall von Freeping (Manipulation einer Abstimmung) ist, werde ich nicht die selbe Diskussion lostreten.
Wenn Sie den Artikel suchen, gehen Sie bitte zu David Kaspars Medienkritik.
(translation by Vasili)

RE: messasge from candyland lets get together frogs

Spam email is a very annoying nuisance.
Even more annoying was the recent incident where a spammer decided to use my hotmail address as the senders address. This resulted in 50+ bounced emails all arriving in my Hotmail inbox.
…not to mention all the numerous receivers that were swearing at my email address because they don’t know any better and thought that I was responsible.
Most annoying however, that a certain “lovingguy” from India thought the email was for real and “is ready to have fun with me”.
Time for that long vacation in Mexico I reccon.