Not snowboarding in Prague

Prague Old Square
2 years have passed since I last visited Prague and a lot has changed.
Most noticeable was the damage caused by the 2002 flooding. While a lot has been restored the rest shows just how devastating the high water was to the lower parts of central Prague.
In some areas the water line had reached 2.5 meters; damaging walls, statues, bars, shops, flats and etc. that were below.
However, many of the places that have been restored were in dear need of restoration after years of neglect during the communist regime. The result is new colourful walls and sometimes uncovered art from early 20th century.
The level of tourism has risen.. again. Walking around on Charle’s Bridge, Old Square and St. Vit Cathedral you don’t hear ANY Czech around you. While all the money that the tourism brings in is great, it is a bit shame that the prices and environment scares away the local residents.
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3 thoughts on “Not snowboarding in Prague”

  1. How is it that you are able to travel to such exotic and interesting place? What do you do for a living, if I may ask?

  2. Hey GG,
    Prague isn’t all thaaaat exotic. That’s one good thing with living in Europe, all the various countries are so accessible.
    France, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Norway, Czech Republic; all just 1.5 hours and £50 away.

  3. Ne vsechny fotky jsou z Prahy, mozna opravit v clanku/blog a take v galerii

    David says:
    The intention was that the article name “Not snowboarding in Prague” would suggest two locations: 1. Prague and 2. Some snowboarding location.

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