KB941644 and Event ID 4226 patch

The latest critical Windows update from Microsoft (KB941644) is a fix to TCP/IP to prevent possible remote code execution.
The Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-001 explains that there are two reported vulnerabilities in TCP/IP and that an attacker could take complete control of an affected system and install programs and view data.
The bad news is that the critical update will replace your TCPIP.SYS and thus reset the amount of half-open connections back to 10.
The good news is that the LlvLord patch will work on this new version of TCPIP.SYS and you can yet again increase the half-open connections (I recommend a value of 100-500).
Read more about the limited half-open connections and how it can slow down your network applications (especially BitTorrent).

One thought on “KB941644 and Event ID 4226 patch”

  1. In windows XP this problem can be solved with XP-antispy > special > connection limit
    in windows vista at this time I don’t found a solution (for don’t repleace old tcpip.sys)

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