bbq pig7 BBQs in 10 days; I am becoming quite the master of the fork and the sauce.
The mix of World Cup 2006, scorching hot weather and several visiting friends created a high pressure BBQ climate.
Make sure to have a decently sized BBQ to avoid disappointment among the hungry guests. A disposable BBQ will not do it. The Dual Deck Grill from Direct Design on the other hand is sized to deliver.
Meat is possibly the most important part of a successful BBQ and if you are in London I would recommend visiting the South American Beef website.
Good quality beef, amazing variety of cuts and decent prices. They even deliver to your front door.
Try the famous Picanha Brasileira cut or the Ponta de Contra File Argentino.
If you like to get your meat closer from home, then Waitrose has some very juicy Dovecote Park 6 rump steaks.
Add some portobello mushrooms, onions and wash it down with a well, well chilled rose wine.
Rinse and repeat!
[Pig BBQ from Pappa’s Grills]

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