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Aren’t these wonderful Internet times that we are living in? Things are moving quickly to the ever so popular Web 2.0 and one can spot changes all around: recent blog oriented purchases, easily mixing together information from various web sites and all things are best in three.
As a frequent visitor of the local cinema (Vue) I always cross check all showing movies at IMDb to see what people say about them. This involves a lot of copying and pasting and switching between browsers (actually tabs).
This is very 1999 and I thought that writing a GM script that pulls information from IMDb and displays it directly at was much more 2005.
ImdbRatings4Vue.user.js was born.
To use this script you should ideally be using Firefox 1.0.x. You will also have to install the GreaseMonkey engine. Once that is done, right click on ImdbRatings4Vue.user.js and choose “Install user script”.
GreaseMonkey scripts are also supported* by other browsers like Opera (which is freeware nowadays by the way) and by the Turnabout plug-in for Internet Explorer 6 for Windows.
*I have only tested the script on GreaseMonkey 0.5.3 running on Firefox 1.0.7.

2 thoughts on “IMDb ratings and links for”

  1. Hi!
    I have taken the liberty of creating a userscript that calls your imdb.php script. I hope you are ok with that. I unfortunately don’t have a server I can put my own imdb.php script on. My script is btw called “Dagens Film”.
    Well, the reason I write is because the imdb.php has stopped working.
    oh. dinner is ready. gotta go. ciao.

    David says:
    It stopped working because of the IMDB redesign. I will fix it when I get a chance.

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