Free international calls with voip

voip(Updated again, see end of article.)
Voice over IP (voip), also called internet telephony is becoming a stronger and stronger competition to the traditional Telco companies.
Skype has become very popular because it let’s people make free calls between computers. With additional services one can even call land lines all across the globe for a fraction of traditional Telco costs. One annoying issue with Skype is that it is using a proprietary format, ignoring the established SIP protocol.
Voipbuster is a similar application provided by the Swiss Telco Finarea SA. The company has multiple cheap telephony services operating in UK and Europe and some other names they go by in the UK are and
Voipbuster is however their first computer client. It has a minimal amount of features but it let’s you make calls and store contacts.
Currently the software is in beta status and during this period Voipbuster offers you free calls to landlines in over 20 countries.
See the official list with rates to see the currently free countries.
To avoid a 1 minute cut-off limit you have to credit your account with the symbolic sum of €1 (70p, $1.20) €5 €10. This is to prevent abuse of the service and since you can pay with Paypal it is just a minor nuisance.
The quality of the call is exceptional and always higher than what I get through my standard phone.
The reason being that traditional telephony solutions (PSTN) are often band limited, as much as 300-3400 Hz. Voip is able to utilise a wideband codec solution that uses much higher sampling rate (16kHz) and a upper band of 8kHz.
Back to the SIP protocol. Since Voipbuster supports SIP, their service can be used with any of the many, many available SIP clients (also called soft phones). Some are commercial, some are free. All offer more functionality than the Voipbuster client but not always better voice quality.
I managed to locate a free SIP client that supports conference calls between multiple SIP callers (X-pro). This means I can use Voipbuster service, call to multiple landlines in the free countries and connect them all. End result is a free call for everybody.
If you cannot stand calling from your computer, you can even call your self at home, switch on conference and continue the free call from your home phone.
Download X-pro from Install, start up and hit Control-G to initiate an upgrade.
Set up X-pro to be used with the Voipbuster SIP gateway:

Enabled: YES
Display Name: [VoipBuster user name]
Username: [VoipBuster user name]
Authorization User: [VoipBuster user name]
Password: [VoipBuster password]
SIP Proxy:

Disable the lower quality GSM codec by clicking on it.
Dial a number on line 1. Dial a second number or your own home phone on line 2. Hit the conference button and all three parties are now enjoying a free international telephone call.
If you are looking for a catch there is none. If you instead think that free is not a sustainable business model you are very right.
Voipbuster is currently in BETA mode and once any network issues have been dealt with and/or the usage has reached a critical mass I expect similar pricing as on the other Finarea SA products.
One can always hope that competition in Voip has reached such a level that networks are ready to provide flat fee or even free calls to certain international destinations!
PS Currently evaluating the Pocket PC application Stanaphone together with the VoipBuster gateway.
Update November 8th, 2005
VoipBuster have now dropped the majority of the free countries. It is now obvious that the 25 free countries was too good to be true.
I was hoping that Voipbuster was about to start a revolution in VOIP where certain common destinations would always be free and income would be generated from other destinations.
Instead it seems that it was a marketing trick to attract new customers and all their 5 Euros 🙁
This wiki page has more in depth information about Finarea and their companies.
There is a new method of making international calls for free as long as you have unused mobile phone minutes:
The VOIP operator Rebtel has a system where both you and your friend (in a foreign country) call a local number and get connected.(more details).
I have confirmed that this works to Sweden, Brazil, USA and likely all other countries that Rebtel support.
Happy calling!

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  1. It seems they raised their symbolic sum today from EUR 1 to EUR 5.
    Rgds, Fred

    David says:
    That is a bit annoying.
    Still excellent value but it is an indication of where VoipBuster may be going: silently changing terms of conditions and getting as much money as possible from their users.
    Funny, just yesterday I helped a friend to install VoipBuster and it was still 1 Euro.

  2. Although the new cost is supposedly 5 Euro, paying only 1 Euro through Paypal will still give you unlimited calls. I did it, and it works great!

  3. Currently the software is in beta status and during this period Voipbuster offers you free calls to landlines in over 20 countries.
    Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States
    Dear Voip buster,
    Recently I made a call to Hungary and the system did charge me. Please explain why could that happen. Hungary is on the free call list.
    Thank you

    David says:
    The list of free countries seems to be changing over time. Always check the official list or hang up if you don’t see the lovely “This call is FREE” message.
    The Voipbuster clone VoipCheap offers free calls to Hungary at the moment (

  4. Excellent tip…
    How long will regular telephone nw survive? The only advantage w regular nets is when there is a powercut (and this does not affect the phone nets). Standard phone service companies have no future unless the invest 100% in voip. Anyone wants to challenge that statement…?
    Keep up the good work David!

  5. Voipbuster from Finarea is a FRAUD. Takes your money [ok, 5 euros is not much] and does not provide a service. Since paying 8 days ago still unable to use the facility. No response to calls, faxes or emails to the company. Now contacted fraud office in Lugano, see what happens

    David says:
    That is a shame to hear. Voipbuster has been providing decent “free” service since April this year.
    I think more that it is a problem with an overloaded network. The voice quality has been poor during the last week.
    The fact that they are not responding is inexcusable if you have paid money for the service. I hope that you will be able to use the service in short while after some technical problems have been dealt with.

  6. voipbuster is great, i had no problems, and it is really free, and tells you that on each call you attempt to make (before it connects you to the party) it states the rate “zero cpm” or whatever the rate! its just great!

  7. [snip]
    How the number is dailed?
    In voipbuster it is “+countrycode city code number”
    any idea how it is done with X-pro if the above steps are done to configure X-pro for voipbuster.

    David says:
    Please use the 00 notation in X-pro, the + did not work well for me. Also be patient, only 1 out of 10 calls gets through X-pro. For the rest you’ll get “cannot be found” or “forbidden” errors.

  8. Hello, i have a problem to sign as a new user at voipbuster i just download it last night and i can’t get through. it says to me (sorry, we could not register you). please let me know how can i get through. please reply to me as soon as possible. i try all the methods and just doesn’t work whas is the problem.
    Thanks a lot, David.

    David says:
    It’s most likely a temporary problem. Try again in one day.

  9. Is it free really? Is it worth it to pay 5 Euro?

    David says:
    Yes it is still free but the free countries keep changing so check out the latest rates.
    The quality is excellent most of the times. A few times the quality was poor.
    There is a rumour that 1Euro is still enough to get unlimited calls. Try first with 1 Euro and let us know!

  10. I’d be very interested in knowing if the 1euro trick still works, If it does(and doesnt get you thrown out) It’d be well worth it, Im such a tightass that the $6(USD/5Euro) I may not be willing to let it go so easily. What would be the real kicker for me is if I could find a way to rig up Stanaphone incoming, and VoIPBuster outgoing, on a Sipura-1001!

    David says:
    VoipBuster provides a SIP gateway (unlike some other proprietary voip solutions). This should make it compatible with all other SIP based applications.
    Search on google for that exact phrase, I am sure someone else has done it already.
    Regarding the 1Euro, try it out and report back to us 😉

  11. Well, their FAQ (which by the way isn’t accessible unless you know the file name, and type it in “/en/faq.html”) said that SIP was possible, but not supported by Customer Service, so it’s out there, I’ll just google it later.
    When I went to buy credit there were only 2 options 5Euro, or 10Euro, I went with 5. Sure I could have changed the amount in PayPal, but I didn’t for two reasons…
    1.) I own a business and 99% of payments that come in, come through PayPal, and I’ve felt the pain of international fees before, There would be no money left after all the fees taken from just one Euro.
    2.) There was just an update to the software, and I figure the bump up from 1 to 5 Euros was included in the update.
    If I can get SIP working, it will be WELL worth the $6-USD!
    They claim that soon those with full access will be getting their own incoming number, if in fact that’s true… It will be worth a whole lot more than the 5euro deposit.

  12. Hi Guys,
    I want to know if calls to India are free? If anybody knows a cheaper way to call India please email me at mukti_tangri aatt

  13. David, I’m very curious if you got Voipbuster working on your Pocket Pc. If you did, please share your settings with us.
    Thanks, Ruud

    David says:
    I’d like to try it out but I have only a PPC 2002 and all (free) SIP clients seem to be for PPC 2003. SJPHone is one such.

  14. Does it matter which version/build of X-Pro is used e.g. build 1101 versus 1105?

    David says:
    I am using ‘X-PRO release 1105x build stamp 18009’. While I am not aware of any bugs in 1101, it’s always best to use the latest version.
    Especially since it is a free upgrade from 1101 to 1105.

  15. How do you upgrade X-Pro to 1105 ?
    The Ctrl G command doesn’t do anyting and X-Ten seem to have stopped support for Lite and Pro
    (except for X-Pro for Pocket PC)
    Any idea where the upgrade website / download may be ?

  16. Hi, when will I get a number so other can call me?
    I live in Denmark, will I be able to travel to another country and call Denmark for free?

    David says:
    Voipbuster currently does NOT offer a service where you get a regular number that people can call (Skype does, it is called SkypeIn).
    Currently Denmark is on the free countries list which means you can call Denmark land lines for free from any country in the world (as long as you have Internet access).

  17. Hi David,
    1. I normally do not use my credit card for long distance payments. So please advice how I can make bank payment for the 5 Euros required for your service.
    2. How much does it cost to call land line telephones in those countries indicated as free (Denmark, USA etc.) from countries like Ethiopia and Kenya?
    3. Is tele-conference possible between say Denmark, Ethiopia and Kenya?
    Early response will be appreciated.

    David says:
    Hello Aida,
    first of all VoipBuster is not my service. It is a service from the Swiss Telco Finarea SA and I am just another user.
    I would recommend you to use PayPal instead of using your credit card as I trust PayPal more than I trust Finarea.
    2. Free destinations are FREE from anywhere in the world as soon as you are connected to the Internet.
    3. Ethiopia and Kenya are currently not free destinations so if you set up a conference call you will be charged for these destinations. Also remember that a conference call is only possible with the third party tool X-pro (or any other SIP client you may find).
    What you can do, is to set up a free conference between 2 (or more) parties in Denmark and your location anywhere in the world.

  18. Dear David,
    I tried VOIP Buster on an ISDN line and it worked fine! The connection was not only clear but also fast with minor lag.
    However, when i attempted to use it on an ADSL 384/128 line they could hear me fine on a land line in Greece but i had a really slow feedback. I heard their response 30 secs later. I tried cutting all other programs off like P2P dowloaders and even switched off my firewall but still.
    I am relatively inexperienced when it comes to networking (cause i tried it on a computer which is in my home network) but has that got anything to do with the lag? Please help! Thanks.

  19. Is the connection really good? Is the payment of 10 euro dollar for a one year subscription? Can I try first for few months for lesser than 10 euro? If i will travel in Asia can i still use voip buster to call US for free? If we have some technical problem after signing in are they prompt in answering our problems?
    Thank you so much for answering my questions. I really do appreciate it especially that there is no number to call for our inquiry.

    David says:
    The connection is excellent, people keep telling me it sounds better than a call from their neighbour. The quality is much better than I get from our home phone using cheap calling cards. Make sure to select “High speed internet” as your connection.
    The fee has yet again gone up from 5 to 10 Euro. Since Voipbuster has added a “free” voip-in number I think it is justified. The fee is used as credit that you can call for until you use it up. It is NOT an annual fee.
    You can try for free with the 1 minute cut of. Try calling a few destinations to get an idea of the quality.
    As always with VOIP, it is geography independent. Same rates from anywhere in the world once connected to that Interweb thingie.
    I have not used their email only support but I have heard that they are very slow in responses. You should also be able to get help from other voipbuster users like me 😉

    look at this link…

    David says:
    This is common Voipbuster strategy: to shuffle around the free destinations. I suspect their TOS allows them to do this.
    What exactly do you base your fraud accusations on?
    Thank you for the informative link!

  21. Hi David,
    I stay in Singapore and i would like to make free calls to only one Indian mobile.
    Can you suggest me if there is any VOIP provider who is offering such facility.
    I have broadband at my place(1500 mbps). I am also willing to pay a fixed monthly rental for the same if required.
    Kindly let me know please.

    David says:
    No VOIP provider offers free calls to mobiles and I doubt any will in the near future.

  22. How to make free Ph call to land line Ph in India from USA

    David says:
    At the moment I don’t know of any providers that offer free calls to land lines in India.

  23. Hi David
    Do you know any VOIP provider that offers free land line calls
    to US and Canada

    David says:
    SipDiscount ( is currently free to USA and Canada. It is run by the same company as VoipBuster.
    You will need a SIP client to use the service.

  24. hello! if somebody knows, please let me now how to break this VoipBuster to call without paying and full of registrations

    David says:
    That doesn’t sound like a good idea.

  25. Hi David,
    I recently registered with voipbuster and put 5 euros in my account. I still cant use it from the United Arab Emirates. My friends however can use my account if they log on from the USA with no problems. What is the solution?

    David says:
    “It is illegal to use voice over IP [voip] in the UAE and it is left to the regulatory authorities to allow or disallow such things…” – Ahmed Bin Ali, public relations manager at Etisalat, told ITP Business.
    “Coincidentally, the Skype [voip] block comes as Etisalat itself prepares to launch its own VoIP service later this year…”
    Try to find an unregulated connection. Also known as open free zones.

  26. hi david,
    do you know how to make free calls to Indian landlines with the help of voip

    David says:
    Hello Maulik, currently I do not know any SIP gateways that offer free calls to India. If I do find any, I will put the in the post above.

  27. I use voipcheap beta provided by the Finarea SA company it works great considering its a beta version no probs it does every thing it says the audio is nice and clear (better than my normal land line) I would recommend paying by paypal just to be safe as i don’t like giving credit info over the net. It is a big saving on BT phoning to the US and new zealand and UK long distance is free with several other free destinations I try to give BT as little trade as possible after the problems I have had with them but that is another story.

  28. Hi, just wanted to know if there would ever be free voip calls to the Philippines? or do you know any voip adds to make free calls to the Philippines? thanks a lot

  29. VoipBuster is a FRAUD!
    Finarea SA seems to be run by crooks and should be sued with a class action suit!
    They change their fine print every now and then without even mentioning it! And how can a credit expire???
    So no good news of a Swiss company again! Switzerland seems to develop to a nest of gangsters and crooks, very nice! I’m ashamed of being a Swiss citizen myself. Help us eliminate those people!!! Let’s find legal help against them

  30. Hi You all folks who want to make free calls to India. There is a trick. Open an account where you live with the Voip provider, who gives free calls to your place and use this account from India. I hope BSNL, Reliance and tata Indicom have good price range for Broadband… So enjoy free calling from India to yourself…

    David says:
    I don’t quite understand those directions but maybe other surfers will…

  31. VOIP Buster cheats its customers! VOIP Buster is a service from: Betamax GmbH & Co KG, based in Germany. It looks like they bought it from Finarea SA. The company operates several duplicate services on the web, each under a different name. Voipbuster, voip cheap, voipstunt , internetcalls , spar voip and voipdiscount are just some of the names these guys use.
    Their gimmick is to tease people with free, unlimited calls to landlines in certain countries for a minimum deposit towards placing calls that lasts 4 months if you don’t use it up by placing calls outside of the promotion. Their main web page states very clearly that calls places to landlines in their list of countries would be FREE & UNLIMITED. A very tempting offer! The current minimum cost to place those calls is 10 euros ($12 dollars).
    Well I took the offer and opened an account 2 weeks ago. At first it seemed to work fine. I cannot complain about the voice quality. When I placed a call to a land line in one of the countries from their list of free and unlimited calls, it appeared as a free call in their software.
    This morning, I tried to make that same call. Instead of it saying free, it said I had exceeding the limit of their fair use policy. And the program began to charge me per minute. That country is still listed as part of the free and unlimited promotion on their main web page.
    It turns out this has happened to a great many customers. In their forum, numerous people are complaining about the same thing happening to them. But the company ignores the complaints. In fact, the moderators make fun of the people who complain about the problem. They say things like, “Did you really expect to get something for free?” Or, “You shouldn’t complain. Even at the rate they are charging you, it’s still a good price…” There were some who pointed people to the FAQ’s etc. But the FAQ’s do not state what the calling limit is for fair use. They leave it as a mystery to be found out after you have made a non-refundable payment and they cut you off.
    In other words, they acknowledge the fraud and belittle the customers who don’t accept it. So, now I have given them my full payment in advance and in good faith. And they stopped fulfilling their end of the contract after 2 weeks. The service is now useless to me!
    I have used Skype with success. But now that Yahoo Voice is available, I will move my business to them. They have very good rates and are a name you can trust to fulfill their end of a contract!

  32. Hi All, Voipbuster has recently put instructions on their website to use the SIP device with voipbuster account. So now voipbuster officially supports the SIP device.

  33. when i add a new user to a several kind of voip software, an error “sorry we could not register you” is produced, i don’t know why, so please can you tell me how can i resolve this problem

  34. GANGARAM hi
    i want you to please clarify how exactly can you call India for free
    the tip u listed above isn’t very clear if u could please explain in detail i`d be very grateful
    and david you are doing a great job
    keep it up

    David says:
    I did not say specifically that you can call India for free. You are limited to the countries that are free destinations at the moment.
    You may have noticed that the VOIP providers keep changing the free destinations frequently 🙁

  35. I used Voip Buster for some months and it functioned well. Since some days I can’t do any call, saying: you are not allowed to make this call, and I have enough credit in my account. What is worst you can’t even contact them. In some email addresses they don’t reply at all. In the forum of users I see that many people have the same problem. Also I can’ register in any of their woip services, like voipcheap, or voipdiscount.
    Can somebody help me to understand what is going on

  36. Hi, can anybody advise me if it is any worth to put the 10 euros any voip buster account, or should I go on with skype ? how long is the credit in my account available if I will call only the ‘free’ countries ? Can R7 explain how often did he use the service. I only need to make about 5-10 mins per day for personal use to the free countries, so should I put the money on Voip buster ?

  37. HI ,
    Using voip phones you can make calls for free of cost. Using a computer or by using voip adapters with free service providers like IPvaani. Using this service you can make free calls to other IPvaani members. If you want to make calls even to cell phones u have to go with other providers like vonage , packet8 etc..but u needs to pay for those calls.

  38. Hi all, I am a regular user of Voipbuster for last two months and did not have a single breakdown from service. I am using about 60 minutes a day to make free calls and Voipbuster rocks. So do not worry paying them. And those who want to make free calls to India..keep watching..I will post details how you can..Thanks and Regards.. David is really doing a great job.

    Possibly Voipstunt is a fraud!
    I and many other people experienced that “free” calls worked fine only for few days after purchasing 10€ credit, after that the message “Sorry, you are not allowed to make this call” appears every time you want a make any call!

  40. To call INDIA Free
    Nothing comes free
    Finarea or voip- buster -cheap-stunt all are same
    They are like fraud .. cut your credit any time
    and even stop the account for few days
    To call INDIA free
    Register any Sip service(pc2pc) free
    and then use Internet (be online same time to each other) and dial the number (sip number or user)
    and Talk for free(Internet cost apply)

  41. Hi All, FuelVoip got it right saying nothing comes for free, but sometime you get. Those all using Voipbuster, now you can make calls without any internet charges, as they have web activated calls so you do not even have to pay your internet charges. One more service recently launched by Finarea, It is called Voipcheap and have added more free countries.
    So enjoy calling the world.

  42. dunno why everyone seems to be complaining but i used voipbuster first and have now moved on to voipstunt… i absolutely love the service and although they have put on restrictions on the amount of free calls (their website sez “Max 300 minutes per week of free calls”) its enough for me…even if i do manage to exceed that limit, call costs are only 1c a min which is nothing compared to the 12-15cents i would pay otherwise.
    and yes, stop complaining about the validity: recharges are valid for 120 days. it clearly says so on the website, forum and in the latest version of the client (it sez how long the credit is gonna be valid for).
    to top it all off, I’ve got a free voip-in number as well.
    overall highly satisfied

  43. Hi All,
    I have been using voip buster and voip cheap since 4 months, i could able to make calls for free to may conutries but not to india. Gangaram was explaining something which really doesn’t work at all.
    If know anyone let me know how one could make free calls to india….

  44. Hi Praveen,
    Using IPvaani you can make free India calls from phone to phone. Otherwise use google talk using ur computer. If you are looking for phone to phone calling service..this is the best option…

  45. I tried to use voipcheap in order to make calls and i get the messege :your not allowed to make this call) although this call is supposed to be for free and i do have over 9 pounds of credit in my account….i also tried to make calls which are not free of charge and i got the same message …could someone help me what to do?

  46. hey can anyone help how do i make cheap calls to dubai via the net.some one told me we need to install 2 similar devises on both side and just pay a subscription fee monthly and it works out really cheap.if anyones knows the website or where i can get the device pls e-mail thanx a lot everyone

  47. hi. since I added 10 euro to my voip account I can’t get connected. I see the answer :- Call ended (sorry you are not allowed to make this call). I wrote 3 e-mails to the voipbuster customer service, but got no answer, although they reduce every day my “day account” that is left to use the credit. ( and as you all know they don’t gave back your money)
    can some help me solve the problem.

  48. I bought credit from Voipbuster and today I have still 6.94 Euro credit, but VoipBuster tells me: Sorry, you are not allowed to make this call. I tried to send message to VoipBuster, but instead of answer they want to sen me their leaflets. There is nobody to talk with, so I suggest: DO NOT BUY ANY CREDIT FROM VOIPBUSTER!!! They probably live from our money and you cannot complain! Use Skype – this is very sereious company without any danger as from VoipBuster!

  49. First I’ve payed 10 euros to Voipbuster and was satisfied with service, but after I’ve payed 10 euros to and another 10 euros to I can’t talk with them,getting “You are not allowed to make this call” – General Error 8. But no explanation what does this error mean. And no answer from Betamax. The phone number shown on their websites is invalid. After searchig the web found info about Finarea with real phone numbers. I’ve called’em and they promised to send me an answer to email. Still waiting.

    David says:
    Great find, it explains the business model of Finarea in deatail. Here is the contact number from the article: “new Finarea number – Betamax: 00 41 91.922 5431 (Switzerland)”.

  50. Hi David,
    I hope you can answer my question!
    I really enjoyed Voipbuster and referred it to a lot of friends but ever since i used all of my 10 E i can not buy any more credit!!!! I go to the buy page but it gives me no options at all!! It is really frustrating as i wrote to the CService a couple of times and got no response at all!! What do u suggest i do?
    Thank u, Ninna

  51. I’ve payed 10 euros to I can’t talk with them,getting “You are not allowed to make this call” – General Error 8
    Can some help me solve the problem ?

  52. I don’t know the story behind it, but it’s really work well (I am using O2). The number i am using for last 3 years is from JUST DIAL, 08444313196 (weekend) and 08709964752 (Mon to Fri)

    David says:
    I prefer the 0207/0208 access numbers from because those numbers are included in my calling plan.

  53. Anyone know when Betamax will start giving VOIP-in numbers again with new accounts. I changed from SIP Discount (where I had a VOIP-in number) to VOIP Discount but I have not been allocated a number. I read somewhere that they had some problems with VOIP numbers in Austria, but is this permanent, or just a blip. Needless to say that I’ve had no response from Betamax to my direct question.

  54. FRAUD! DO NOT BUY 10 EUR from VoIPBuster & WebCallDirect
    I and many other people experienced that “free” calls worked fine only while testing. After purchasing €10 credit, cannot make the same calls I made for testing the system. Error message “Sorry, you are not allowed to make this call” appears every time you want a make any call!

  55. HI! I was just looking for lower rate that I have with voipstunt and freecall and I just have to say that people really do not have always good standing or understanding or whatever.
    I am using these programs for last 10 months and never had problems. Talking with whole Europe and no problems : Yes, I also paid money 10 Euro for using it but ,….. , I do not see some of the points here.
    It is free , maybe some of the country regulations are different, maybe your computer has protective software that you have to disable while calling, maybe your lines are too overworked and in the end yes, you have to pay to go even to the bathroom in Europe!
    Get used to it and talk to friends around the globe about that FOR FREE!

  56. I have been using vopicheap and voipstunt but suddenly they can’t work any more. They both give this error message “The other party ended the call due to an unknown error”. Also with this error “unknown Error 33”.
    Please I need solution to this problem? I have just paid 10 Euros on and 10 British Pound on and I can’t use them.

  57. Voip Buster credit does not expire anymore after 4 months but they will charge you now their low fees for the USED TO BE free destinations…
    What a bummer…

  58. We’ve the same problem and 8 Euros left. We use Poivy. Another Betamax product. Maybe we should unite and sue this Company ?!?

  59. Same problem Unknown Error (33), does any body havea solution for this.pls let me know. “other party ended the call due to unknown error”

  60. hi, pls tell me why a lot of times i cant able to pay credit. this shows a unknown error every time. sometimes error 850 and sometimes error-1.pls solve this problem.

  61. hey there i am new to voipbuster and am having trouble putting in the phone numbers in sign up to add credit page.. please help

  62. This is a ace piece of kit, unfortunately i only want to talk to my girlfriend in the Philippines and is still to expensive for me at the moment, hope they include Philippines free soon:) good work..

  63. Same problem Unknown Error (33), does any body have a solution for this. pls let me know. “other party ended the call due to unknown error

  64. There are still sites that give free international calls from UK mobiles. For example, you can get free international calls to the USA from your mobile by dialling a gateway number such the ones on
    I think you can get free international calls to Italy but not to Italy mobiles. I prefer to do my international calls from my mobile when I’m out and about. Cheers. Tom

    David says:
    Interesting service you pointed out, shame it only works with O2.
    I use call18866 for my international calls from a mobile. They have a local access number that I can use my inclusive minutes for and their call charges are reasonable.

  65. Dear David,
    errors 814 , 850 stop me from purchasing more credits from voipcheap and any other provider using betamax gmbh. writing to voipcheap does not result in any answer back. what do these errors mean?
    Greetings, Yves

  66. Hi there!
    I’ve been using Voipbuster since I have ADSL. It’s a great way to save €€€! Unfortunately I tried to buy credits and I can’t! Error 850! Its says that it might be my address, but it is correct and I’ve already bought credits in another time.
    If anyone can help me… because I’ve already contact them (the VOIPBUSTER services) but return no answer.

  67. want to make free cals from india – iran landline or mobile. any suggestions. please i need it.ok.send it to my email….send any info to my email .please. tabraiz_2005 [at] rediffmail dot com

  68. I’ve been using Voipdiscount for about 9 months. It’s a great way to save US$! Unfortunately I tried to buy credits and I can’t! Error 850! It says that it might be my address, but it is correct and I’ve already bought credits in another time.
    If anyone can help me… because I’ve already contact them (the VOIPdiscount services) but return no answer.

  69. hello there !!!
    i ned help ,,when i want use the voipstunt ,,i cant use it and it is coming to me this words
    (Unknown error (33)) so any one can tell me what i can do ,,and thanx

  70. i need to buy credit by sending a message with my mobil phone, but i don’t know how. buy credit for voip stunt of course. please help!

  71. hi david
    i have this one problem in voipstunt.. every time i call it says “the call ended to unknown problem 332.. what can i do to fix it

  72. I have been using VoIP for a year, like is stated in the article Mexico was a free destination but it no longer available. Anyway is a very competitive company because its cheaper than doing calls with mexican telecom. They rised the price to mobiles, but anyway if I was paying $4.60 MXP by minute for local mobile calls and more than $6.00 for mobiles from other regions, now I’m paying more or less $2.00 MXP.
    Since I started with VoIPBuster I have been always been looking for cheaper rates, but nothing. I someone knows of another one, please email me at [email protected]…

  73. castel,
    Have you checked Yahoo.messenger with voice?

    David says:
    They probably offer free calls between computers but do they allow free international calls to landlines and mobiles?

  74. Hi, just wanted to know if there would ever be free voip calls to the Thailand? or do you know any voip adds to make free calls to the Thailand? thanks a lot

  75. Which voip service is good and cheapest means of communication?

    David says
    Unfortunately they keep changing their prices so you always have to keep looking. Since different providers are cheapest for different destinations, you may benefit from being registered with 2-3 different once and set up calling rules in your VOIP application.

  76. Hi, i need to call a UK landline number from my laptop for free? Please anybody help

    David says:
    Voipcheap does free PC to landline calls to the UK at the moment. Check the fine print though.

  77. Hi David,
    Please suggest how to make free calls from My PC to India landline phone or mobile.
    Looking for support & help and do post smitalado at yaoo dot com

  78. If you are on a mobile monthly contract then there is a great possibility that you can make FREE international calls from your mobile
    When you hear, someone say FREE, you would understand as per the dictionary meanings, that something that you can have without giving anything in return, whether that is material or money. Moreover, that is how I would expect it to be, now a day FREE is available but it has been hidden within the lines.
    My girlfriend was always calling her parents back home, and for reasons that I did understand when I wanted to. However, when the phone bills use to come at the end of the month, I wished to get the phone from her and ditch it.
    I had always thought if there was a way to keep my girlfriend happy as well myself, and if there was, a way to make calls FREE. Was that possible! First, I tried the internet where I could use online chats and speak to the person on the other side, but then the person on the other side had to be online as well and more over had to have a computer and a good bandwidth. Sorry, No Good
    WELL finally, I cracked it; I came across where I could call aboard FREE if I had a mobile contract. FREE means FREE. Therefore, that is what I did and now I am happy and so is my girlfriend
    Good luck

    David says:
    There is nothing free about their service. You have to pay money to get calling credits. At least their prices are competitive.

  79. got scammed with voipcheap too. over 9 Euro credit left and error 8 when sending sms and sorry, not allowed to make this call when trying to call. Seemed too good to be true. Worked well for a few days though.
    Should’ve stuck with Skype. Doh!

  80. I am a Voip Reseller, and now one of the customers has also got this problem: Unknown error (33)
    There has been an unknown error. (33). The customer complained to us, but I do not know what causes the problem either. I have also tried to contact Voipcheap, but no reply at all. We refunded 50% of what he paid, but I do not think that we should be responsible. The account has been uploaded, but after some days he could not use his voipcheap anymore. I see that there have been some others with the same problem, but I have not seen any helpfull replies. Has anybody succeeded yet in solving this kind of problem?
    I wish myself to be able to help, but unfortunately being a Voip reseller does not mean we have better access to any help. I have though been a voip reseller for 6 months, but this is the first time I heard of a problem (Voipcheap), besides that everybody seems happy.
    Hope anybody has a solution !!!
    regards, Faa

  81. Hi,
    I have been using Voip cheap since 4 months and it is working nicely. Now when I tried to make a call by using Voipcheap it says that General Error. (33)occured. Now again I brought credit in JUST VOIP and I didnt make any call and it started saying same problem. If any one know how I can resolved this problem? . Really it is very bad, they are cheating people like us.
    Please help me,Please let me know how can I use my credit?

  82. Is there any solution to error 33 in voip.
    I am fed up with this error. I have lost about 15 Euros in different accounts of
    Worst thing is that they don’t have any contact point.(no reply ever from feedback section)
    Any idea how to contact these guys or how to correct this problem. As I know some other guys who are the victims of the same problem.
    Go to hell
    Worst upon worst is that these days I really need to call to my family and this bloody site have the nasty problems.

  83. Hi,
    Same problem for me. I’ve lost 20 Euro in my and
    I know a lot of people affected by this cheating company.
    Even the resellers don’t have access to the provider? What a big scam is this?
    Why don’t we thinking of moving to a legal battle against this cheater – betamax?
    All kind of suggestions are welcome.

  84. Hi Mr.Tariq and Thailandian,
    I have also same problem and couldn’t use either voipcheap or just voip. Totally I have lost nearly 20 euro. Last week I have called to Betamax and they have asked me to write an e-mail, still I didn’t get any reply from them. Please let me know if you guys have any solution to solve this problem,

  85. Hi David,
    action telecom uk have been providing free international calls from orange, t-mobile and virgin(same network as t-mobile) as well as O2 for a while. But the problem is that t-mobile and O2 are stopping these free calls on their contracts. Only Orange are still allowing the free calls. Action telecom are trying to pressure the networks to bring the calls back through their blog though.
    Telecom Guy
    PS Here’s the destination list for free international calls from orange mobiles

    David says:
    Hello there T Guy, nice SEO (search engine optimisation) there 😉

  86. hello guys, i have webcalldirect and i have charged it for 10 Euros. When i’m using the dialpad to call any number it gives me ” Call ended, no data received from the other party” during the first ring.
    Any help guys ?

  87. hey guys this is priyank.if u wanna make free call to india try to contact me in this [email protected]
    By the way if u need really help try this website he will always be ready for helping u.U will get ur reply next day i m sure but dont write anything bad in that website bcoz he is helping the people really hard so plz guys dont mess with him.i will give that link in private message.even i can tell u how to make free call to india.thanks guys

  88. Hi, any crack to make free calls from INDIA to UAE and from UAE to INDIA. or any other method to call free via uk or via usa.
    Thnx guys

  89. Guys,
    If anybody want to use betamax products, pay only with PAYPAL. So if something goes wrong, while we open a dispute, the betamax guys suddenly refund the amount to us.
    Otherwise, they don’t want to listen to us.
    Latestly they’ve started another clone … and it costs 0.04 cents US to India. Beware, they’ve already raised the rates to India in
    Betamax theives..don’t trust them.

  90. why does any one know any solution to error (33).When calls are made.The other party ending the call as it says all the time. I have lost close to 25 euros.There is always no reply to this issue but which is the most rampant these days…

  91. Hai
    How to may call from India to other countries from voip cheap pl advice is there any option to do business in voip

  92. Try This, worked for me.
    First backup!! and then delete the contents of the following directory (including sub-directories):
    \Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA
    (There should be a folder that looks something like:

    David says:
    I have not tested this. Make sure to back-up the folder before deleting it!

  93. If anyone considering signing up for MobileVoip service don’t even think about it, it is a complete mess, it just does not work.
    I must still commend them for the good voice quality using the ATA directly fix the problem associated with the MobileVoip and you’ll have one of the best Voip service.

  94. hi all from another victim of ‘other party party ended the call unknown error (33)’.
    i have been using voip cheap for 3 months without any problem.
    recharged with 10 euro recently worked fine for a day n then started showing error (33). I even tried the solution mentioned below suggested by RON.
    First backup!! and then delete the contents of the following directory (including sub-directories):
    \Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA
    (There should be a folder that looks something like:
    tried this option but then it started showing cryptographic error.
    “DAVID” kindly find a solution to this problem as it is becoming frequent and people cannot find a solution to this problem anywhere everything about voip they can find out on the net. so kindly do something about it as it would be easy for a tech. person like u.
    n suggest us what do we use in the mean time.
    will be greatly thankful to u.

  95. hii Mr. david can you guide me how i resolved justvoip 32 error. i delete all data from regestry but i get same error message plz tell me how i fix this problem

  96. Hi David,
    I am living in UAE currently.I have to make calls to U.K.Is there any way I can make calls to UK for free or very cheap on mobiles and landline….Thanks

  97. I’ve payed 10 euros to I can’t talk with them,getting “You are not allowed to make this call” – General Error 8
    Can some help me solve the problem ?

  98. hi, used a very convinient methord to talk to talk in india while i was in USA . had taken a SKYPE IN number for USA on my wife’s account and used to call that number , so it was a free call or at the most a local call for me and was talking to Mrs in india for hrs together.
    right now she is talking to her friend in USA using the free phone to phone call. shifting to VOIP 12 now.

  99. Hi David,
    same story with voipdiscount and voipstunt; i also encountered error 33 and i thought it is only for the meantime but then i got impatient and started looking for answers on the net but apparently it seems hopeless. but I’ve checked Roy’s post and i see a light at the end of the tunnel. can u please also send me how to do it? maybe i will have success.
    thanks and be blessed!

  100. Does anyone knows how to solve the “Call ended(Sorry, you are not allowed to make this call)” – General Error (8) (CODE:8) on Voipcheap? I have 25€ on my account and I’m not able to make any call, not even the free ones. I’ve already sent 5 mails to client support and no answer yet! Can someone help me out?

  101. Tengo un problema tenía Voip Buster por varios meses y me iba muy bien, mis llamadas a Panamá y otro free calls bien. Un día me indicaron que debía de actualizar el VOIP a 12 Voip los cambié y ya no tuve free calls me indicaron que ya no tenía minutos y no tuve más free calls. David puedes ayudarme! Muchas gracias? Juan Carlos

  102. “No data received from other party “frequently appears when I dial a phone number. Can this be resolved and whats the cause?
    Can someone please advise. Thanks

  103. Hi all, I want to make a call to one of my cousins who is in USA. Tell me how can i make a call to her. Is there any other website than jajah which provides free out going calls.

  104. Hola!! esto es lo mejor que he encontrado en internet, creo que si no abusamos del sistema podemos tener telefonia gratis por mucho tiempo!! gracias a FINAREA y les comento que vivo en CHILE !!!

  105. I am having problems with this made a phone call then disconnected but my phone now has a constant engaged tone this is now 12 hours later and cannot make or receive calls a piece of rubbish.

  106. I had subscribed to just Voip about 4 months back. For last 10 days it is not working. I have 10 Euro credit left. The moment I dial any number it says “The other party disconnected the call due to unknown error”
    Any help? Regards Raj

  107. In the US I just found they offer FREE, yes FREE calls to a list of countries
    It has been great for calling home to the folks

  108. YABT = Yet Another Betamax Theft
    I used for 1 month and a half my first 10 euros. Then I charged my account again with another 10 euros. I used 1 day more the service lowratevoip and after that I got “Call ended(Sorry, you are not allowed to make this call)” – General Error (8) (CODE:8).
    No way to get answers from Betamax. No way to find a solution to this problem on Internet.
    To many complains about the same type of issues. Don’t be naive and think that all those error codes (33, 8 and other similar codes) *mean* something different. They don’t. Its a different way of stealing money. As they duplicate their services, they also duplicate this errors just to mislead people.
    Their strategy seems to be: pick up randomly some accounts and block them right after they are buy credit. There is no way for the users to get back their money.

  109. Hi everybody,
    I’m having the same problem with Betamax (LowRateVoIP): Error 33 – “Call ended due to an unknown error”. I tried to contact Betamax over e-mail and Fax but no single reply up to today. That sucks especially because I need to make urgent calls and I don’t understand why they are not available for their customers. If so many people are facing the same problem with their VoIP than they should at least write some instructions on their homepage. I really don’t understand this.

  110. Hi friends,
    I am also facing the same bullshit error33, i mailed these fucker(Beta max) many times but no response.
    This really sucks.
    I think we should take legal action on these company. They steal money from us.
    If any one is interested lets do it together.
    Please ask your friends not to use the products of Beta max

  111. Hi, I have had quite a few problems with the several Voips: Cheap, buster, stunt, etc. First, you never get to use the 300 minutes free a week. After not even 200 they start to charge you. Writing to them it is no use because they never, ever answer! And “free” is not even that free, nowadays it costs you 12.50€ (the price went up a little while ago, from 11.90€ to 12.50€)for 120 days. Then the problem of the calls that are ended for no apparent reason. Another problem is that when I use the speakerphones the other person can hardly hear me, therefore I have to use the direct calls which cost 5 cents to make the connection. If one could talk to them the problems could be solved, but that is not at all possible! Too bad that these companies go on existing without giving people any service at all! I still use them because in the end they are cheap but I have to put up with all this!

  112. I have the same problem like other …. “the other party ended the call due to an unknown error” If I try with a new free trial account laa is ok. If I try with my account ( 10 Euro buyed ), the error is displayed. I say ….

    Stay away from their latest sibling
    I lost 7 Euros & my friend lost 15 Euros from their another sibling
    We are getting the same old infamous general error code 33.
    I have informed through their contact us page more than 5 times in last two months, but no reply from these BETAMAX VOIP THIEVES.
    I have opened a dispute in paypal but the seller ( betamax) didn’t reply to my dispute.
    Paypal is saying that they don’t have any refund policy for fradulant services bought through them.
    They will return money only for the undelivered products which are solid in size & shape.
    This Paypal refund policy gives them freedom to cheat more peoples.

    David says:
    Did you use a credit card to pay PayPal? If yes then issue a charge back and hope for the best (even though PayPal will fight it and may terminate your PayPal account).
    PayPal is another company that doesn’t care about it’s customers so you had really bad luck dealing with two such companies at once!

  114. STAY AWAY FROM LOWRATE, VOIPWISE, VOIP CHEAP, and all VOIP… BEXTAMAX PRODUCTS… they are thieves…. i lost my money in two lowrate voip accounts and one voipwise account. the stupid thing is it works for new account but after few days u will see ur Money in ur account but WIDout Cursing these stupid ppl u can’t do any thing…. plz b patient not to break ur own system… try to find some other way around… BEST of Luck

  115. Thanks guys for the info. I have the same problem of error code 33, whatever that is. I wrote to them as well (twice) but have had no reply. Naively, I thought it was a problem with my internet connection or my computer. Jeez, I have been changing my computer settings hoping to solve the problem. Now that I know the truth about BEXTAMAX, I will never use their services, even if its the cheapest. I have 8 Euros stuck in my account. Why cant people have some decency? PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD LIKE WILD FIRE. IF THEY CANT SHOW RESPONSIBILITY TO THEIR CUSTOMERS, LETS SPREAD A BOYCOTT OF BEXTAMAX AND ITS SERVICES.

  116. Hi there,
    I have the same problem general error 8 (Sorry, you are not allowed to make this call)in LowRateVoip, and I have 10 Euro in my remain account. This company is FCKNG THIEVES Company. I’ve tried to send email to them 100 times already but still no reply. What the fuck they are doing with this issue? I’m gonna kick their ass if i know who is the owner of LowRateVoip.
    I’m Daravong From Cambodia

  117. hi i would like to know how to make free calls to india (mobile and landline) from Ukraine. or any idea of pc – phone free call to india. if no free calls at least cheap calls to india mobile. any info pls email me at [email protected]

  118. regarding to error code 8 “sorry, you are not allowed to make this call” – it may be country or provider sensitive. I face this problem with VoipWise in Czech Republic, but in Poland all runs fine. Try to connect from another country or through another internet provider. Good luck. H.

  119. Hi Guys !
    Really don’t understand this people that after all those things that have been said about those company still looking and asking for cheap voip to call to wherever …
    Pay attention guys .
    By the way,I have 9 euro stuck on voipdiscount.
    There is first time for everything,But I’ve learnt my lesson .

  120. hi i put 10 euros in low rate voip, first i was not allowed to make any call at all that are mentioned free , and then later on when i start to dial any number it says sorry call ended you are not allowed to dial this number, general error code 8 ,
    i emailed these bastards of lowrate voip they never replied to 100 emails.
    i would recommend not to buy anything from these low rate voip bastards, they r just fucking thieves

  121. The other party ended the call due to an unknown error”. This error is shown to all those, who have not paid VAT tax while purchasing credit. People who have paid tax, it is working fine.

  122. I would say something to KHAN: how can you think that only for users that didn’t pay the vat, the voip”…” products does not function?? At the purchase it isn’t possible to not pay the vat!!! What do you mean with your exclamation??

  123. Dont use Lowrate or beetamax VOIP products I am using LOWrate and Voipwise they both have more then 6euro balance but are unable to make call. Beetamax sucks. DONT USE THEM they are cheap but thieves. Error code 33 appears.

  124. Can any body in the whole world is able to solve this voip phone error 33. Its open fraud to make peoples fool and stupid. Its an appeal to all computer and internet software master mindes plz help us, about this error 33. thanks

  125. I have opened an account in justvoip. All at a sudden I got General Error code:33. I could not call any more. But I have got more than 9 Euros in the account. Like me many others also have the same complaints. What should I do now?

  126. Hello David, I have been using low rate voip for months but recently got this error “The other party ended the call due to an unknown error.” I have two more friends have same problem.. does any body know what to do? thank you very much.

  127. Many have the same problem with “General error code 33”. Without knowing this problem I registered in the Justvoip, it works only one day.
    The same problem of error 33 always appear and everything is blocked. I can no longer use it, I still have 8 Euro in the account. I now truly believe that this company is a real THIEF…go to hell.
    Never use it again, its dirty CHEATING business.

  128. Really.. it sucks.. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY BETAMAX VOIP SERVICES.. They have lot of VOIP sites i.e., Voipdiscount, Voipradider, 12Voip, Freecallplanet. VoipStunt, PoivY and etc.. they introduce new one in every 2 months.
    Please check mainpage under “termsofuse” if you find this below donot use this VOIP SERVICE.
    “1.7 VoipDiscount: A trademark of Betamax S.A., laws of Germany.”
    I Have 2 accounts one voipdiscount with 8.9 euros and second is voipraider 10 euros and first one was ended up with CODE ERROR 33 in OCT-07 and second one was also FCKD up when I bought immediately in december 2007 ended with CODE 33.. I mailed more than 20 mails but no response… I AM GOING TO SUE THIS XXXXXXXXX COMPANY.. GUYS be aware of it..

  129. i have got a problem with my my justvoip account now. i have been using it for last 6 months. But when i am trying to make a call it says “sorry, you are not allowed to make this call”.plz let me know about this problem.

  130. I have the same problem like the others …. “the other party ended the call due to an unknown error ” If I try with a new free trial account is ok. If I try with my account ( 10 Euro purchased ), the error is displayed. please help if you have any solution. regards. Ali

  131. I have problem with VOIPWISE user account. I can not make call. Just today I purchased 10 euro but I can not call. it says “The other party ended the the call due to an unknown error”. how to solve this problem. please help me. Regards– Nazmul

  132. Same problem Unknown Error (33), does any body havea solution for this.pls let me know. “other party ended the call due to unknown error”
    the above cmd is common for most of the guys.
    check the country what u have select during reg in 12voip or voipcheap or bust etc etc.
    observered selecting india will block us, select the country from where u r staying and need to pay extra vat if they charge, then it will work very fine. don’t bother for 20% of vat or whatever it is. Else u have to loss more money like me/us(i should top losser of 30 euro by selecting india but i stay in Irelan).
    Good Luck. Enjoy talking in 12voip.

  133. On 12VOIP I bought 10Euros of credit only to find they no longer allow it to be used for calling Turkey plus I cant use the credit to make paid calls either! I only wanted the service to call Turkey! So I ask them to transfer credit so I can use it for paid calls but no reply. So I call my credit card and ask them to get my money back. A week later I get “other party ended the call due to error (code 33)” on all calls! I also bought credit on Voipraider and voipcheap with same credit card and they stopped all those accounts also. They are very stupid people if they think they can make a business work with this kind of retarded attitude. I will work tirelessly to fxxx these people up after wasting my time and money.

  134. Hi guys, i have been trying voice conversations to India using, skype, ms messenger & Yahoo messenger, having no luck. i don’t mean phone calls, i mean well for all countries & for calls within u.k. but does not work for India!! any ideas whats going on? regards, Khalid

  135. Guys! Everybody who has error 33 ! I am in Sweden now and our official reseller is making the list of usernames and amounts of money that are blocked. He need to find as much information as possible to send an official letter to Betamax. If you have been cheated by that company you can contact him by the following e-mail:[email protected]
    mentioning the client type you used and the amount of money they blocked! Regards, Tigran

  136. OK, here’s my case with our favourite company BETAMAX.
    I charge 2 accounts on 12voip – for me and for my father . I have no problem to call anywhere .. but my father who in the moment is abroad (he’s in Sri Lanka, but I’m in Bulgaria) gets the popular ‘You are not allowed .. blabla’. The I entered his account from here and guess what? There were no problems. Everything was perfect!
    And that’s why I think it’s relative where is your PC location (maybe BETASHIT are making some kind of IP filtering..)

  137. For Filipinos worldwide, take a look at MagicBox.PH SIP-in-a-box. It’s reachable from landline/payphone/mobile in 37 countris. Or … via iPhone/Android SIP client app (unlimited-free SIP-to-SIP call). No PC/laptop required – perfect for parents. Most important – extensive tech support even with Philippine ISPs because most of the problems are caused by Internet connection. Check our website MagicBox.PH or at

  138. Way to make Cheapest phone calls to mobiles and landlines
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  139. Smartgroschen is the best app to make cheap calls. Here are some features of smartgroschen listed below
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