Stop the press, 4-6 babies are on the way


Ok, calm down parents, it is not human babies. It is our golden retriever Ginger (AKA Poo Princess) that is pregnant.
The new addition to the family will be with us in just 5 weeks. You see, a dog pregnancy is 9 weeks only.
Expect a plethora of puppy photos.
Right, back to that serious S.L.A.I: Phantom Crash beta testing.

2 thoughts on “Stop the press, 4-6 babies are on the way”

  1. Nice, nice Ginger with 4-6 babies on way. But D. and C., it`ll be enough with 1 (one) BABY-CHILD next time, sooooon, I hope
    Love you, mum H.
    PS We are looking forward to meet you (and C’s parents)and celebrate togehter the “midsommar” with white nights in Stockholm and Luleå

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