Where are we going?

I thought I would be telling you about how our ski holiday in Courchevel, France is coming along. But you see, my wife managed to pull off the biggest surprise of my life and I am nowhere near France or Europe for that matter.
On the morning of our departure she confessed. There was no need for ski clothes and they were quickly unpacked. Instead I was given a fat itinerary and a travel guide to study.
Needless to say, I was completely flabbergasted. The illusion of a ski trip had been very real and I had been day dreaming about deep powder snow the last two weeks.
Nobody knew. Not our parents, not our friends. This one will be a tough cookie to beat if ever possible. Touché mon amor!
Good night Tokyo, I am signing off.
Japan, Tokyo and Kyoto photos

4 thoughts on “Where are we going?”

  1. Hi, Carlinko, you did it again – suprise, surprise:=) I`am so glad you have a such great holiday and I`am looking forward to read/hear about your experiences from Japan.
    My dear Davidku and Carlinko, wish you happy Easter holiday in Japan, many many kisses
    your maminka Hanka (and Ivan too:=)

  2. Now you know what was that thing I have seen in Carlas passport that I was about to ask (that night in 1492): It was her Japanese Visa. :-p
    Hope you guys are having a good time. I can assure you that Ginger is 🙂

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