Kill Bill vol. 2

I was like a kid on Christmas waiting to see Kill Bill vol. 2. Volume 1 with its roaring soundtrack and cool characters had left me wanting so much more.
Vol. 2. starts of with a flashback to that interrupted wedding. The various characters are presented in much more detail and more time is spent on each one of them.
We are shown how the bride acquired her skills through some harsh training. She picks up two martial arts techniques that will save her life twice.
The movie has a very slow pace, especially compared to part one. Maybe this is why it was such a disappointment for me. The Japanese influence was replaced with gritty surroundings of some Texas outback.
While I loved the soundtrack in part one, the soundtrack was non-existent in this one.
Some hard core Tarantino fans will argue that the second part was more true to his style; volume one was more a tribute to Asian movie making. I however found volume 2 to be artificially pro-longed.
One special edition I would like to see is one 3 hour movie where volume 2 has been cut down majorly. Just my ¢2.

2 thoughts on “Kill Bill vol. 2”

  1. I found Kill Bill to be the worthless piece of crap I have ever watched. And this is comming from me 🙂 (I have changed my middle sister’s napkin when she was a baby, you know — dood, this movie is worse).
    I have heard all about the gore and violence on this movie. Bleh.. really doesn’t impress me. I feel much more terrified by a psichological thriller such as the Silence of the Lambs than a bunch of effects that looks like an advertise for the HEINZ ketchup brand (well, actually… I think ketchup would have a more dramatic effect rather than those pathetic effects).
    Seriously man… I rather play some Soul Calibur II. 🙂

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