Kill Bill, Vol. 1

Well this must be the most violent movie in a very, VERY long time. It’s not one of those psychologically violent movies where the scary images are in your mind. It is instead a movie filled with blood, spraying blood and congealed blood. It is not a movie for the fainthearted.
Nevertheless, it is a very captivating film mostly due to its chic soundtrack and heavy Japanese influence. Is it just me or is everything Japanese bizarrely cool.
The movie has the standard Tarantino-style irregular time line in which you are thrown in at the middle of the movie and only later you are revealed details about how things started. This time it is bit easier to follow since we are shown chapters and the number of next victim to be killed.
Apparently, making a two part movie started of as a joke when the movie running time was closing in to 3 hours but later it was not so funny anymore and the decision was made. To me it just seems to follow this years trend of sequels and sequels to sequels.
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2 thoughts on “Kill Bill, Vol. 1”

  1. Looking forward to see this movie. Although I preffer movies that are more “psyhcologic violent” rather than a bunch of makeup bonanza. Favourites of all time:
    – American Psycho: The naked chainsaw chase and the dialog with the nailer are my favourite scenes.
    – Silent of the Lambs
    – Ed Gain
    – The crying game: Last shooting scene is very cold-blood. She aimed to deliver a lot of pain.
    – Many others I can’t think of right now

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