Spooks: Season 1 DVD

Spooks is a British drama series about Series B, a counter terrorist section of MI5. This is the best drama series I have seen in a long time and the DVD presents it very well. The series uses suspense, intense music, split screens and realistic scenes to hold it’s viewers in a grip (or in the sofa).
The episodes were no surprise as I have seen most of them on TV but the added bonus on the DVD I would like to rave about.
First of all, the standard (boring) menu system has been replaced with an interactive movie of an intruder to the Section B office. You steer him to select audio options, scene index and cut scenes. First time I watched the DVD I actually thought the menu system was the first episode 😉
5.1 sounds makes the episodes even more dramatic than the TV version. Shame no sub-titles were put on as the dialogs tend to get complicated, especially with the addition of various British and American dialects.
Get the DVD here.

3 thoughts on “Spooks: Season 1 DVD”

  1. Very interesting! It sounds very similar to “24.” I’ll have to find out if it’s available for purchase in the US. Thanks for letting me know about it!
    You have a lovely site, and I look forward to making return visits. 🙂

  2. The first series DVD is utter crap, total rubbish! Were there any episodes on the DVD’s – I did not find any!
    Do not buy this DVD set – it is a CON!

    David says:
    You must have missed the episodes because they can be a bit tricky to find.
    The DVD menu is actually the office scene you see at the beginning and the various items in the office will activate various DVD features.
    The tape recorded will take you to audio setup, the stack of discs will take you to the episodes and so on. Give it another try!
    The first season had a lot of suspense and the main characters were chiseled out and defined.
    The first season was only surpassed by the second season.
    After that the Spooks series went downhill 🙁

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