Busy Bee

Cleaning can be so therapeutical. I was really looking forward to some time of to tackle the increasing amount of grime at our place.
Vacuuming, scrubbing, washing, drying, and shredding (leaves in garden). Clean pad, clean mind.
Then just 6hrs helping a good friend (Svante) moving (what are friends for). Ok, most of the time was spent on the busy roads of London and some time in the pub munching on figs and Parma ham and downing Budvar (the Czech one).
Pedro and his flatmate invited us for dinner (1st or 2nd time ever 🙂 and it was majora. Brazilian food at its home-made best. Once again thank you Bruno!
Update 1/9/03
Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Insurance company X honoured my claim so I got a new bike. Sweet.
Listening to: Arabesque

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