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SkyHD installation: first impressions

May 23, 2006
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Do I like SkyHD? Yes. Am I blown away? No.

This may be because for the last year I have been spoiled with HD content sourced on the Internet. A recent HDV camcorder purchase (HDR-HC3) has also allowed me to create my own HD content.

The fact that there is so little true HD content on Sky at the moment does not help either.

In my opinion Sky+ was a more radical improvement because it added PVR (personal video recording) and all the goodness that comes with it: pause live TV, watch one channel record a second one, fast forward past commercials and similar. It also added Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound which makes for a great TV experience.

It seems as if Sky has oversold the SkyHD service as many customers have been told their installation has been delayed. New customer asking about SkyHD are being told August as the first available date (BBC News has more about this).

sky hd image samplesky hd image samplesky hd image sample

PS The previous 80GB Sky+ is for sale

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  1. Alan Patterson Says:

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    how does an HDMI to DVI cable work.
    Does the signal still need to go through the pioneer media box or can it go directly to the screen?
    I have a pioneer 503 and the picture keeps pixilating. I think the problem is the media box and to bypass it would be an ideal solution.

  2. Danny Sullivan Says:

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    Nice, David. Just got mine and wrote up a similar summary here, linked over to your nice tips on figuring out if material is upscaled. I wish they'd just tell you that was the case.

  3. jurgen Says:

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    i have the basic sky box connected to 1 lnb if i need to replace my old sky box to sky hd decoder i need to replace the lnb and the wiring?

    David says:

    With SkyHD (as with Sky+) the second lnb is used to record a show on one channel while you are watching another channel (dual tuners).

    In theory you can run SkyHD on one lnb only but you will be missing out on the feature of watching a show and recording another one at the same time.

  4. Debikf Says:

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    Userful blog. Thanks!

    David says:

    Userless spam. Thanks for nothing!

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