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June 16, 2005

Yes it is 5:01am.

Ginger, our Golden Retriever, has just had her fourth and last puppy.

Surely she is able to take care of her newborn pups so it's time to get a few hours rest.

Zzorry for the incoherent writing.


Turns out that last puppy was not so last after all.

Two more puppies were delivered before 7am. By then I had already passed out in the living room, so I did not notice.

Prepare yourselves for a whole load of puppy photos in the near future. Eating puppies, sleeping puppies, puppies playing and puppies in jars... no, not that, sorry.


Turns out that the six puppies are all boys. What is the chance of that?! (Actually it is 0.5^6 or 1:64 or 1.6%).

Since we cannot keep them all, 5 of these Golden Retriever puppies in London will be for sale second week of August. This of course after an excrutiating interview process :-)

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  1. Claire Says:

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    They are adorable!! You and C must be so proud.

    CP xo

  2. tumnus Says:

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    i want one.

    David says:

    Hello Mr. S, five of the puppies will be up for sale as we cannot possibly keep them all. But I am sure you were just joking ;-)

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