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Young entrepreneurs in London

August 31, 2004

Yesterday while at the excellent Camden Market, I met some fellow country men (Czechs). They had set up a stand from which a lovely caramelised sugar and cinnamon scent was coming.

They were selling "Trdlo" that they proclaimed was a traditional Czech pastry. I had never seen "Trdlo" before so I asked about it, in English.

They started explaining how traditional it is but when I mentioned that I am Czech as well and that I had never seen it before, they had few and lame explanations.

Anyway, I was amused by the claim and it smelled lovely so I decided to try it. It was really yum and at £2 (100 Czech krounes) a pop it seems to be a gold mine. I don't really care whether the claim is true, I am just happy to see some young Czech entrepreneurs trying their wings due to the new EU membership ;-)

Update 06/09/04
Looks as if trdlo has been introduced in Prague as well; with not so good response. A Czech blogger writes how people are being ripped of with burned dough (In Czech).

Update 18/04/06
Trdlo recipe (is in Slovak... will be translated to English at some point)

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  1. claus56 Says:

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    Just tasted some trdlo in Prague at Staromestske namesti (square), the only place I have seen it (may 2005).
    It's one of the most attractive and almost finest bakery (with a light white wine taste) out in Prague. And it wasn't burned at all.
    Could find only one single recipe in the internet (http://dadala.hyperlinx.cz/hypsladkuch/ost/ostr0025.html) but also a machine to bake them (http://remon.szm.sk/).

  2. Patrick Says:

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    i was this weekend in praque and i can say: trdlo rocks
    i found no recipe in english or german ... would you be nice and translate it for me? this would be very very very nice

    cesi do toho (is this written the right way?)

    i found:

    and the history:

    David says:

    Make sure to check out the Trdlo version in Camden Market, London and let us know of any differences.

  3. gabriele Says:

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    i'm looking for the recipe in english about TRDLO or TRDLENIK

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