Young entrepreneurs in London

Yesterday while at the excellent Camden Market, I met some fellow country men (Czechs). They had set up a stand from which a lovely caramelised sugar and cinnamon scent was coming.
They were selling “Trdlo” that they proclaimed was a traditional Czech pastry. I had never seen “Trdlo” before so I asked about it, in English.
They started explaining how traditional it is but when I mentioned that I am Czech as well and that I had never seen it before, they had few and lame explanations.
Anyway, I was amused by the claim and it smelled lovely so I decided to try it. It was really yum and at £2 (100 Czech krounes) a pop it seems to be a gold mine. I don’t really care whether the claim is true, I am just happy to see some young Czech entrepreneurs trying their wings due to the new EU membership 😉
Update 06/09/04
Looks as if trdlo has been introduced in Prague as well; with not so good response. A Czech blogger writes how people are being ripped of with burned dough (In Czech).
Update 18/04/06
Trdlo recipe (is in Slovak… will be translated to English at some point)