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Ode to my fofa

December 01, 2003

fofa.gifWhere would I be without her strong mind, fiery attitude and big heart. She blows a breath of life and passion into my otherwise mediocre tour of life. I was lost until she found me and she is now my muse, inspiration and a true companion in the battle that life sometimes is.

Always fighting for the less fortunate; may it be old, sick or poor people.

Loves dogs above all... for both good and bad. Other animals are very high up there as well.

"Thank you for everything", I tell her.
"Pay me back in diamonds", she says while smiling the most seductive little smile.

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  1. Hanna Says:

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    Ano, Davidku, take mame Carlu moooc radi a tesi tesi nas vase laska, "ktera jiste hory prenasi"
    Ale co udelame s temi "diamonds"?

  2. Pedro Says:

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    What have you done now, Chumbo?

  3. chumbo Says:

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    Cara de sorte esse chumbo, hein Pedroca?

    Dona Encrenca

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