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Motion synthesizer and Gait recognition

September 01, 2003

Did you know that social and biological information about you can be picked up from your motion pattern? That is, the way you are walking reflects your biological set-up (heavy, female, etc) and your emotional state (sad, nervous, etc).

The people at the psychology department at Ruhr-University-Bochum have developed a simple computer model where you can alter some basic parameters to control the characteristics of human walking. They call the demo BMLWalker. I bet that you will subconsciously be able to recognize the emotional states of the walking stick but not be sure how and why.

Me: Male, heavy, relaxed, happy :-) Make sure you turn on lines and try rotating the figure for better view.

Read more about Gait Recognition and it's possible use in airport security.

(You need flash player 5.0 for the demo)

[Listening to: Just The Way Im Feeling - Feeder - Comfort in Sound (04:22)]

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