Kaspar to help children with autism

Kaspar is a newly developed robot that can express basic human emotions.
Children with autism have difficulties picking up on human body language because of it’s complexity and subtlety.
This makes Kaspar especially suitable to teach these expression to autistic children because the robot is designed to “express emotion consistently and with the minimum of complexity”.
The name Kaspar is a creative acronym for Kinesics and Synchronisation in Personal Assistant Robotics.
May Kaspar succeed in making life a better experience for autistic children!

5 thoughts on “Kaspar to help children with autism”

  1. Что за шняга с прогай Mowecam?, как ее запустить?

    David Kaspar
    What the hell is Mowecam and how do you run it?
    It is a program that takes pictures automatically and sends them to a website.
    It works best on SonyEricsson mobile phones (k700, k750, k800 etc).
    Read more about Mowecam the mobile web camera.

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