Is a Swedish word for a kind of small hospital or more correctly a smaller emergency ward.
Which is exactly what it looks like at home at the moment.
We came back from Brazil last week and together with the fond memories of the trip our baby son also brought back a violent flue.
The symptoms are fever for 2-3 days, then excruciating body ache, then a short spell of extremely runny nose followed by a heavy and painful cough.
His mother got it shortly thereafter.
Then it was the grandmother’s turn. She is only visiting for a short while but wasn’t spared nonetheless.
The nanny was holding out until last Friday but surrendered shivering and with a splitting head ache.
She had to take a few days off which brought havoc to the delicate ecosystem of baby care taking at home.
So here I am, last man standing and wading through an avalanche of used tissues, dirty dishes and empty paracetamol packs.
I am under no illusion that I will escape this vicious bug but maybe I can avoid it at least until the rest of the family has recuperated (and enjoy special treatment).
From Sjukstugan with love,

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