A Mini Adventure

summer putney wharf london

Once addicted FRIENDS fans, we could not believe our ears when yesterday evening somewhere behind us in the restaurant we suddenly heard Janice’s hysterical laugh.
For the not so familiar with the Friends TV series, Janice was Chandler’s ex girlfriend and had one of the most irritating, high pitched, ridiculous laughs ever.
It all started one fine Sunday afternoon when feeling a bit sad to see that our weekend was vanishing before our eyes.
The husband proposed that we go out for a walk, maybe stretching it all the way to the Putney Warf for a nice bite (remember that with a 4 month old even the most common place things are mini adventures).
We packed all the 567 essential items for the baby, and head off on our mini adventure.
All being well, a very pleasant night was falling around us when we found a perfect spot at a grill restaurant by the river Thames.
Baby cosily asleep in his pram, nice champagne was ordered (again, with a 4 month old ANY opportunity is a GOOD opportunity to celebrate) and we started to unwind when a sudden shriek was heard from behind.
An airplane turbine? A motorcycle crash? Pig slaughter? Noooooo, just Janice who was having a laugh behind us!!!
For the next 50 odd minutes we had to cope with what seemed to be a fantastically funny night out for the girls behind us. Nothing wrong with that if only JANICE wasn’t part of the group; laughing away in her painfully witch-like laugh.
Well, thankfully enough, my company (hubby) was excellent, and so was the dinner and the chocolate drenched brownie dessert.
To top it all up like a nice fat cherry, walking back home with my fabulous husband and amazing kid in what could be one of the last summer nights was truly a treat.

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