Digital Black and White Beach

digital black and white sea urchin
Converting to digital SLR was great fun but I was missing black and white photography.
I quickly discovered that digital black and white is not achieved by converting digital colour images to grayscale; this only resulted in bland, contrast-less photos.
1 year on and having played with colour channels, curves and blending of layers I am starting to get somewhere. Hopefully I will get a chance to sum it all up in a future post.
For a few more photos in this beach series, see the digital black and white photography album.

2 thoughts on “Digital Black and White Beach”

  1. I’ve had fair success with Photoshop and Quadtones, then converting back into RGB, but I agree, the black and white is not as simple with a digital as it was with film.
    Curious to read of your technique – your photos have good contrast.

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