Feliz Natal

I am having a second cold right on the heels of the previous one. No one told me that you could catch a cold in 28C just by having a fan blowing lukewarm air on you on full blast. Obviously you can.
After 5 years of celebrating Christmas in the southern hemisphere, where there is summer in December instead of the usual winter, I am still not getting used to it. I guess that I never will.
Instead of freezing temperatures and snowball fights there is a scorching sun and some lounging in the pool. It doesn't quite bring on the cosy Christmas feeling but it is oh so much more comfortable.
The local shopping malls try their best with red and fat Santa Clauses, miniature versions of his work shop and white cotton wool laying around that is supposed to look like snow. It all just looks awkward and misplaced but I bet it improves the sales figures.
The local tradition in Brazil is to dig in into the many Christmas delicacies only at midnight on the 24th. This is followed by hugs, best wishings and finally presents. A strategic power nap in the late afternoon is highly recommend as the celebrations seldom finish before 3 am.
Each year there are a few songs that are hot, which means that they are played a lot. These songs often stick with me for the rest of the year as a reminder of good times. This year so far it has been Gasolina by Dady Yankee. A silly song that is played everywhere so it sticks with you.
Having a cold has given me a lot of time in the hammock, catching up on the Dark Tower by Steven King. Currently finishing Song of Susanah and looking forward to the last book in the heptology.
By now I am getting used to listening to audiobooks. While it’s is not as easy to “flick back a few pages” it is so much more convenient than to lugg around several books. It is also great while in a moving vehicle or in the sun on the beach. Give it a try.

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