GMail invites

Ok, I never thought I’d be saying this but I am.
I have GMail invites to share in case you *still* aren’t on GMail.
It’s a very good service with 1GB of storage space. If the so called privacy issues do not scare you away, let me know.
Leave a comment with your email address and a reason why *you* need a GMail account 🙂
Cool GMail hack: GMailFS – GMail file system
Update 08/09/04
Another clever Gmail hack – Gallina, a blog engine based on Gmail

8 thoughts on “GMail invites”

  1. to use it as on line back up storage.
    keep up good work.

    David says:
    On the way. I also have a second Gmail account to which I automatically email daily MySQL back-ups. Very handy indeed.

  2. Please, I represent a savage group of barbarians living on trees in West Africa, we need the service to communicate to our captured relatives-now slaves currently in the USA, therefore it is imperative that we get access to the Gmail service- just joking.
    PS:Please send me as invite!

    David says:
    Invite on the way. Good luck with the freeing of your relatives.

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