On the road

So this is it. Our bags are packed, the doors are locked and we have just arrived to the airport. It is time for our annual trip to see Carla’s family in Brasil.

Via Carla’s sources we have been told that the plane is even more overbooked than usually so here we are, 6 hours before departure time. It’s actually quite refreshing; I cannot remember last time I had this much time to read a book. In addition, the lounge at T4 is really cosy which helps. After the last couple of stress full (ballistic is a more appropriate word) weeks at work this spare time is welcomed.
Another 4 hours of waiting, 12 hours of transcontinental flight and we’ll be in Sao Paulo, Brasil. I always long for that first breath of humid and warm air at arrival. It is as if whole of Brasil was saying welcome to its visitors.
Time spent in the plane on often feels like time spent in the Twilight Zone. There are very few signs that give away the fact that you are speeding ahead at 1,000mph at an altitude of 30,000 feet. You sleep, watch movies, read and before you know it you are on the other side of the world, South America this time.
The itinerary will be the traditional BBQ, swimming pool lounging and meeting up with friends we have not seen for a year or two. Carla always has a million things to do so it will be up to me to carry the burden of lounging; a burden I carry quite well.
If I am lucky I will manage persuading Carla to one or more smaller excursion to the surroundings of Sao Paulo. For her I bet it is just a hassle but I love exploring foreign countries.
One thing I do not look forward to is to have to speak and follow conversations in Portuguese again. While a do manage shorter conversations about weather and food, longer conversations about the meaning of life and other burning issues give me a head ache in the long run. It is very frustrating not being able to express one self as the 28 year old I am. Instead, most arguments come across as a 6 year old’s.
The flight is BA0247 in case you find any online real time tracker, I didn’t.

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