Copacobana, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil, 1st of January 2003, 00:02
Well, the year 2003 is making sure to end with a bang.
It has been a scorching hot day with temperatures over 35 degrees C and flip-flops melting on the hot beach sand. The waves were over 10 feet high and now there is a tropical thunder storm.
This last day of 2003 was also the day I asked Carla’s dad for Carla’s hand and his answer was a delightful yes. Now there is only one more person that has to agree.

6 thoughts on “Bang”

  1. Well, you finally did it… asking Carla’s Dad… congratulations. Soon you will be a fully fledged member of the married clan.

  2. Nice very nice :o) It must be incredible feeling..
    I wish you many happy years, many childrens and many golden years!

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