You know you work in a posh area when…

… these cars are parked outside your office window and in the garage below you.
First you have your SUVs; Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, Lexus LX and Mercedes. Normally quite a head turner but not so much in this hood. The Humvee H2 LUX is still a head turner though. Do you REALLY need a £30k army Jeep to drive around Mayfair?
Not as many Jaguars as I would have expected. Just the occasional X and S-type.
From the sports cars family, the Porsche Boxster and Ferrari are most popular. A yellow Lamborghini visited on one rare occasion.
The most majestic of all the cars are the Rolls Roys. Always chauffeur driven and with a yawning business man in the back. Does he realise he is riding a state of the art hand made very rare piece of machinery? I guess not because if I was riding an RR my eyes would be wide open and a large grin would have been stuck on my face.
My favorite are the Bentleys. They usually come in black or dark grey. The convertible Bentley in the company garage is a high-scorer.
Then of course we have my Ridgeback that does not quite blend in with the cars in the garage but that severs me faithfully. Also, while my ass is getting smaller when using it, the other’s asses are just getting larger when riding their large vehicles.
Does this make me jealous? Not really, I just enjoy walking in the street and rubbing up against the cars; maybe I’m just not the jealous type.
And sorry for not including any photos. Last time a blogger did that, it got him fired. It was blamed on breach of security but was it really? Maybe it was because it was a photo of a bunch of Apple G5s being carried into the bowels of Microsoft.

6 thoughts on “You know you work in a posh area when…”

  1. Yeah, older though – 1999. Not like the new ones that look so nice. Can only dream of owning an M5. Can’t afford nice cars now that I have a house payment. doh!

  2. You know, what’s funny is that during the DotComBomb, everyone in Florida was driving either pickups or the new SUVs… Sportscars were actually laughed at. Luxury cars were snickered at.
    Real programmers drove trucks. That’s what we said. LOL.

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