Mr Bush is coming to London

Well, I happen to work a couple of blocks away from the American embassy here in London.
We were notified last week that the area might get busy with demonstrations and that it will have increased security checks this week. Today during lunch hour I saw the first indications of this.
There are a lot of police constables walking around in the streets and certain shop keepers were busy boarding up their windows (!).
I did bring my digital camera with me today in case some juicy snap opportunities arise. I doubt getting any glimpses of the president though since his administration has made a lot effort in order to confuse people and to stop them from getting close to the president.
There are reports that “Bush decoys” will be moving around in the area. Also, reportably anti-Bush demonstrators are confined to demonstrate some distance away from Bush so that he can’t hear them nor see their signs.
Pro-Bush demonstrators, on the other hand, are able to wave their flags right in front of him. It’s called crowd control and “demonstration zones”.

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