Discover Dogs in London

It has become an annual tradition to go to Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre (2) to the Discover Dogs show.
The area is filled with every single dog breed imaginable and it’s all well organised so that you can quickly get your head around various dog groups and their characteristics.
Carla is crazy about dogs and I suspect that it might have rubbed of on me because I enjoy it such as much as the other dog geek at the show (mental note, a review about the funniest movie made: Best in Show).
Each breed has their own stall where the proud owner has anything between one and six dogs to show up. The stall is covered with leaflets of information and photos. Ask any question about the breed and be ready for an eloquent and long answer.
In the middle of all the stalls, there are two exhibition areas where several activities are performed through out the day. There is the agility competition, the basic puppy training and the important instructions on what to do if bothered or even attacked by a dog.
Don’t be shy or afraid to bring your kids, every one else does and there is a lot, a lot of patting going on.

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