Werewolfs, vampires and a cute clown fish

Underworld” was a very dark movie indeed. You are thrown into a battle between werewolves and vampires and it is hard to tell who is who. During the course of the movie you change your opinion about who is bad and who is good; several times.
The music and the dresses were very much inspired by The Matrix. Tight leather suits and sunglasses dominated the movie; as did the large amount of firearms.
The characters dreams and hallucinations used the same technique as was used in the Lord of The Rings when the ring was worn.
Movie buffs like us are not satisfied by one movie alone so we went straight to the next performance which turned out to be Finding Nemo.
The contrast between the two movies was surreal to say the least. From blodspitting and carnage in Underworld to cute animations and lovable characters in Finding Nemo.
Turtastic movie duuuuude.

6 thoughts on “Werewolfs, vampires and a cute clown fish”

  1. underworld was a grate movie reveling alot about the aspects of myths an legends on vampires and likings(werewolfs)it is not for the weak hearted it is very interesting and with the hint of romance between the 2 creatures it is bound to keep you at the edge of you seat,where Finding nemo is more a tale for kids and the young of heart ,you can loos touch of reality for a wil in it.

  2. I did not like this website beceause it is not like anyother web page it does not really have anything to do with Werewolfs (may they live in my soul forever) but at the begining it had flowers and nothing dark or scary don’t take it personally but take my aadvice and you will have my best opinion in no time
    Loads of love Alex

  3. If the werewolves and vampires in Underworld were so powerful and scary why did they need to go round shooting everything Matrix style? Not a vampire bite in sight! And as for the Romeo and Juliet sub-plot, well, the less I say the better.
    Terible Movie, almost as bad as Van Helsing!

  4. This is the worst wedsite i’ve ever been to! There is nothing to do! God get some scary staff for the website about vampires and werewolfs! Like pics and any thing else you can think of!!!!!(Get some games and staff to read about Vampires and werewolfs)

    David says:
    Haha, that’s a good one. Oh, you were not kidding.

  5. i was loking for a werewolf webside and came here WH* this is no werewoolf webside i gone ******!!

    David says:
    “Okbyebyenow” – Jack Teller (The Score, 2001)

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