Quality Sunday

For me Sundays are usually just resting days. Some time off to recover from the wounds from previous working week and to prepare for the next.
This Sunday was however busier that normal. Funny how days with no plans can turn into very pleasant ones filled with good action whereas other, well planned days, can turn out to be disappointing…

It started with an early (10 am) brunch. You should not have to set the alarm to attend a brunch but we were hosts for this one so we had to get up. Our house was visited by some friends and their newborn babies. One of the babies is mobile and managed to deliver some damage to our flat but it was all under control. Observation: babies are cute but it’s great to be able to return them at the end of the day.
I needed I walk as much as Ginger did so went to Richmond Park for a swim and a walk. Claire and Alex came along. Richmond Park is as close as you can get to “real” nature in central London. Blue algae did not stop Ginger from enjoying the freezing water. Has anybody explained to her that she is not a fish? I don’t think so because she just cannot get enough of water.
By the way, what is the name for male reindeers? Suggestions like bull and stag and stud came up but did not sound right.
The annual Bboy (breakdancing) world championship was held at the Brixton Academy. I saw the competition once back in 2000 and this year the action was stepped up a good amount. The crews were from US, UK, France and Korea (last year’s champions) among others.
In between the battles various MCs performed. Supernatural was the most notable one, he really could “rhyme to any sh*t”. One session involved walking among the audience and incorporating some of the objects they were holding up into his rap. Very impressive indeed especially since the objects varied from glasses, a cap, a mirror, a belt to the flag of Korea and an MD.

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