I think we’d better throw some water at it

fire_place Last night was very cozy, to start with at least.
I, being the man in the cave, started a fire. After a small celebration that included me dancing around with raised arms and emitting guttural sounds, we went back to the vice of watching TV. Chumbo had prepared an exquisite cheese fondue and it felt so right due to the cold and rainy weather outside.
The problem started when the candles on the side of the fireplace started melting from the heat. A pool of melted wax was building up under the cast iron fire place and slowly caught fire. We got suspicious when flames started coming out from the sides.
“I think we’d better throw some water at it”, Chumbo said.
The thing is that water thrown at burning wax just infuriated it and for a moment I thought this would escalate. Fortunately, throwing even more water at the fire killed it.
Then again, killing the fire produced some seriously thick smoke so I hurried of to get the BBQ from outside to move the logs over to it and then rushed out again. There is nothing like some everyday excitement… living on the edge you know… always pushing the envelope and stuff 🙂
Oh, and when listening to a lighter to find out whether any gas is coming, make sure to “click” it before putting it close to your ear or else you will end up, like me, with fried ear hair.

3 thoughts on “I think we’d better throw some water at it”

  1. Hehehe… sound like my dad once back in Montevideo, Uruguay. He said that he would do the best fire ever. And he did. The living room was hot as a sauna. And it melted the varnice of my mother’s favourite furnitures. That night, she felt that castration was the only way out for the dispute.

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