I Am David by Anne Holm

iamdavid.jpgIf you have come here looking for information about the book I Am David by Anne Holm unfortunately this web site is about me, David Kaspar.
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35 thoughts on “I Am David by Anne Holm”

  1. you should of let the dog live. i think you are really mean for letting it die. other then that it was a good book.

  2. I really don’t think you need to mention I am david by anne holm except to get cheap hits to your website…
    I feel ripped off. you wasted about 10KB of my Download and i want them back!

  3. I loved your book on david! yo dave uz a kool guy man, a koo guy. dunt let ur head down and alwayz have pride. uz waz raised rite man, raised rite. aitee, take it eZ dave, Mike.

  4. Its the best book Ive ever read Ive read it so many times Im even doing a book review about it I give it 10 out of 10.

  5. I loved the book !!!! But I thought David was a bit of a bum the way he was so mean to people and never trusted anyone. But I guess he can’t help that because he has always lived in a Concentration Camp

  6. I was AMAZED by this book. I am 14 and we read this bok in class. For the first time EVER i finished a book and understood it! it was my absolute Favorite book of all time. Way to go Anne you made me like books.

  7. You people are SO PATHETIC! GET A LIFE! or in your case, tell someone who cares! no one here cares about your little kiddy games! I think , just think that this is supposed to be a place where you talk about the book! but dont take my advice. I may be wrong, By the way that was sarcasim. So either use a puiblic chat line or just call one another case no one here cares!

  8. Me again …. i wrote the above message .. and came back to see if anyone replied … the “david” ( who runs this site ) that sez he is the concentration camp victim in Anne Holm’s I am David … is a sick poser .. he isnt the real guy – on his site he sez he is ” 28 summers old” yeah ok there buddy .. the holocaust was in the 40’s you cant be a survivor and be 28 … why bullshit yourself ? ur probably a fan that likes this book or w/e but how low can you be to do this … no wonder ppl chat and put up childish messages … they dont take you seriously … forget that i even tried to stick up for you ………..

  9. I am David was a great book! (By the way samantha everyone has there own opinion. Did you even read the book?) Anyway I love historicle fiction so way to go Ms. Holm!

  10. Samantha…if you don’t like books, or people that read books, then why the hell are you wasting our time by leaving gay-ass comments on a website about BOOKS. Yes Samantha, there are such things as people that acutally read in order to get some knowledge into our heads. So why don’t you go read your little celebrity magazines on Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, and maybe hope to raise your I.Q to something remotely close to a whole number.Because right now, I would say your I.Q is close to 0.999, which I think is too high anyways.

  11. Ya its cool! But it took you long enough I thought you were writing a novel…AND I DON’T CARE IF I SPELT ANYTHING WRONG!

  12. This was a great book in my eyes you ppl who think it stink are nuts this book really made me think i mean if you think about it look at it this way the world trade center we did not lose as many people as in ww2 but it was still very sad.

  13. When is this book suppose to be and where is the concentration camp? some parts got a bit confusing but it was a good book

  14. i just wish you whould have told us about what happeneds after you find your mother! that is annoeying.. can you make another?

  15. HELLO?!! Dude, this book definately did not suck!! I remember reading it when I was just a little kid and its still one of my most favourite books. It was so sad and poignant.

  16. i kinda like it but its too sad you should spice it up a bit make him llllooooovvvveeeee molly and marry her that is if you make anther book.

  17. I was thrilled by this book. I am 13 and we read this bok in class. For the first time EVER i finished a book and understood it! it was my absolute Favorite book of all time. Way to go Anne you made me like books.

  18. this book sucks! it was totally boring, but it was awsome all the same.

  19. I was surprized how Anne Holm could make this book so crappy it was the worst ever and I advise you not to read it.

  20. i think that the book was so boring and i would advise not to read it it took to long to get into the actual story

  21. this has got to be the worst book i have ever read. actually i didn’t read it, after the first chapter, i was threatening to shot myself because i was having extreme symptoms to EBD (Extreme Bordom Disorder) Do not attemp to read this filth of garbage, I HAVE WARNED YOU!

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