Weekend come, weekend go

The wait for the weekend is so long yet it passes so quickly.
I was mostly lazing this weekend. Simply couldn’t force my self to the office on Saturday. I wanted to go on Sunday but nobody was there (I tried Nathan).
Visited our old favourites Vama and Nam Long on Friday. Once again I avoided the Flaming Ferraris as they do too much damage to the system.
Some more volunteer work for SRRA. I have not been distributing flyers in a long time. What a rush having a pit-bull snatching after your fingers when you are pushing the flyer through the letter box. One dog projectiled itself into the door like there was no tomorrow, poor little thing.
Thanx for the dinner invitation Frida, hoping to make it next time!
Leaving a friend at Heathrow. Meltdown in the BA queue, it was spiralling almost all the way out again. Why is it that BA chooses to serve passengers for 5+ flights with 4 staff at the check-in desks? 65 minutes later friend was checked in.
Witnessed a (big fat) Greek wedding outside a Greek restaurant on the way home. Good stuff, the bride had a cute little white hat on.

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