Unsolicited (scam) postal mail

What is up with all the scam letters lately? The ones that claim you have won a large sum of money or a luxurious holiday.
Yesterday Carla received a new one. It pretended to be a parcel notice from Canada so I opened it. “You have won a Sony digital camera worth £599 or another item. Just send in £25 processing fee and £5 administration fee and you will receive your digital camera or another item.

The letters are always very elaborate and have all sorts of fake certifications. Obviously money is spent on them, they keep coming back so I guess somebody actually is managing to trick people.
I have not seen this kind of effort to lure money from people before moving to the UK. This makes me think that

  1. The privacy of a private person and their home is not valued much since there are loop holes in the law to allow this
  2. Some companies have no code of honor. How can you possibly live with your self if being in charge of such business?

I just registered my self with the Mail Preference Service. A service that marketing companies can join and then make sure to delete details of people who have registered with MPS. The problem is that there is a cost to companies to join so what incentive is there for them? Next I’ll be forwarding scam letters to the Trading Standards Authority.

One thought on “Unsolicited (scam) postal mail”

  1. Me knows what you mean, this is pretty scandalous. I’m still waiting for my year’s supply of pedigree chum – its been ages since I sent off the tokens and admin fee.

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