La Poule au Pot – London

papot.jpgThis was the second time we were dining at this restaurant and I was looking forward to it since I remembered what a nice time we had had last time. It doesn’t get much more French in the middle of London!

This is the most romantic restaurant in London without doubt. The light is very dim and the atmosphere is oozing of French country side. Baskets full of roses hanging down from the ceiling and farming items hanging on the walls. Cozy sofas you can disappear into.
The place is crowded and an early reservation is a must. During our meal we saw several disappointed companies that had come without reservation and were not able to get a table.
It’s good to know at least a bit of French as the menu is all in the French and the staff doesn’t seem to realise it’s London; they speak French too. If in trouble, go for the tuna steak (thon cru), it’s grand.
The menu is fairly small which makes it easier picking a dish. I prefer smaller menus full of delicacies to large manus where you have to look for something nice. The main dishes are around £15.
About the staff: they are very French. If you are lucky, and they like you, you end up being served very well and recommended food and getting extras. If on the other hand you start of wrong with them, it will probably spoil your night. You have been warned 🙂
31 Ebury Street, London, SW1W 8UT (map)
Nearest Tube Station: Sloane Square
Tel: 020 7730 7763

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