Internet Is Shit

Something to reflect upon:
“Give an infinite number of monkeys typewriters and they’ll produce the works of Shakespeare. Unfortunately, I feel like I’m reading all the books where they didn’t. I can’t wait for the day when the internet makes me rejoice in its possibilities again. But right now, it’s shit.”

3 thoughts on “Internet Is Shit”

  1. yup… you’re right. It is shit! The problem is that if your’re really waiting for it to get better and interesting again you going to get tired of waiting.
    it offers so much:
    -governmental and corporate invasion of your privacy
    -special interest group blather
    -really awful music for free
    -the opportunity to get busted for stealing really awful music
    -all the television shows you don’t watch on cable
    -more spam
    -amazingly ugly naked women
    -the opportunity to get busted for looking at amazingly ugly naked women
    -GWB jokes
    -forums on why no one is laughing
    -useless virus scanners
    -firewalls that freeze your system
    -viagra online
    -java script infections
    -tracking cookies
    -unlimited usenet weasels
    -throttled bandwidth
    and above all else another venue where the dumbest of the dumb actually think they have freedom of speech and freedom of thought and free access to information. I traded my high speed connection for three magic beans and laughed all the way home!

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