Define irony

Last week I was questioning the practices of the local police; questioning how they spent their resources (Crime in Progress). This morning a PC was knocking on my door, letting me know that they had found my stolen bicycle and needed my help to make an arrest.

I have had many cycles stolen during the last 15 years or so and never has it been even close in retrieving any of them. I assumed a stolen bicycle was lost for ever and that the police couldn’t do anything about it. It was just a formality reporting it stolen to be able to claim it from an insurance company.
Imagine my surprise this morning then when a PC had taken the time coming to my place just to let me know they had recovered the bike.
I hurried to the police station, ending up at the wrong one initially. I was received by a PC in civil clothes that showed me to the bike and it became quickly apparent that it was the wrong bike. The PC was wee bit disappointed as he needed my statement to pursue arresting the individual. Oh well.
Makes me wonder. Maybe the local police had read my post about them and made a push to convince me of the opposite? Ni-ni-nini (Twilight Zone theme). Nah…

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