Couple of clicks on the old odometer

This weekend was an annoying mix on bad things and good things to happen. Yes, it was the worst weekend in a long time but also I had some wonderful time with Carla and Ginger.
The bad
Coming home last Friday (day before bank holiday) discovering our car has been towed. Getting a cab to fetch the car and paying a ransom worthy of Robin Hood to get it.
Missing our plane to Scotland and thus the 2 months ago planned trip. Bummer.
Coming home after a road trip (see below) and discovering my bike had been stolen. I had become quite attached to it during the last 3 years. Maybe because it has had to carry a lot of weight around…
Can you top this foul luck?
The good
Desperately we decided for a road trip to the North with Ginger on board. As soon as we passed Oxford we started feeling bit better and arriving in the Lake District we soon forgot our worries. The narrow roads and steep hills sure helped.
Windermere was a charming village but we found our retreat at Leeming House, just by Ullswater. What a charming area! I really enjoyed walking around and smelling the nature as it ought to be, not poisoned by urban pollution. So THAT is the colour of trees.
Hmm, I should be able to get a brand new bike. At least that is what insurance company X claims.

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