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It has begun

February 23, 2005

I have decided to switch hosting providers due to a growing archive of photos.

With my new provider I will get 3000MB of storage compared to 250MB of storage with my old provider. The new provider also works out slightly cheaper.

I have updated the DNS records for my domain name and it will take anything between 0 and 48 hours to propagate all across the Internet.

Meanwhile you may arrive at the old location or the new location or alternate between them.

Quite a lot of manual work was required to move the MySql data, phpBB, Gallery of photos, movable type db, custom scripts, http configs and more. I should write it up because it could serve as a starting point for other people in my situation.

Have fun, see you in my new home in 48 hours.

PS "ipconfig /flushdns" may help


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