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Colour vs Black and White photography

July 19, 2004

One recent subject was photographed both in black and white (with an SLR camera) and in colour (with a digital camera).

I think that showing them next to each other highlights the strengths and weaknesses of the two different mediums.

Here are some more black and white photography images to feast your eyes uppon.

The black and white photo is moody and the focus is on the subject, shadows and composition.
(28-80mm, Canon EOS5, Ilford 125 FP4)

The colour photo more impresses with its range of colours and nuances.
(~35mm, Sony DSC-FX77)

Due to the low resolution, I don't think the example highlights differences in digital format vs. 35mm film.

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  1. Rae Says:

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    Im doing same project

  2. Dani Says:

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    The difference is really inspiring comparing the black and white to the colour. the black and white does look more olden style and the colour looks more new. personally i like the black and white better than the colour. the black gives it more feeling to it.

  3. Jessi Says:

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    It's really hard to say which is better or more immotive since the images themselves and their composition are different. I think the accurately compare the two the images would need to be identical in composition.

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