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Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King

December 18, 2003

There has been a multitude of sequels and prequels during the last two years and in my opinion most of them have failed (no names). While the first movies were entertaining and fun to watch, the sequels were often a repetition or rehash of the first movie and sometimes just relied on a bigger budget and more action scenes (no names).

LOTR triology has been different. It is based on a fantastic triology which evolves very naturally. The director (Peter Jack) has been true to the story and the third and last episode (Return of the King) delivers 100%.

One thing that was bugging me while reading the third part was the constant jumping between the various parties and adventures; just when it was getting interesting on one side of Middle Earth, the story would jump to another part to start building up yet another tension.

In the movie however, this created a dramatic effect. Every now and then I looked around at the rest of the audience and there were many dropped jaws; that's how gripping the movie was.

The scenery in the movie was stunning, probably the best scenery in any movie so far. Changing between green hills, wast prairies, snow covered mountain tops and not least volcanic ground.

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  1. Troy Says:

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    Let me drop some names.... The Matrix, X Men, Terminator, Austin Powers? What else?

  2. Chumbo Says:

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    Looking forward for the Lord of the Rings Marathon!

    12 hours and 9 buckets of pop.

  3. Taran Says:

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    I have to agree with you on the book... But I imagine it was even harder to write. I haven't seen the movie yet - I'll try to do that soon.

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