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Early Christmas greetings

December 13, 2003

...from Copenhagen, Denmark.

tivoliIts's that time of year again when we move our bodies towards North to enjoy yule spirit with my parents.

feastThe sun setting at 3.30 pm and the freezing temperature brings out the best of Christmas spirit. So does the Scandinavian Christmas food, plentyfull and rich.

Having relatives in various parts of the world has the benefit of multiple Christmas eves and even better, multiple presents openings.

Tonight, Christmas celebration with my parents in Sweden; next week the same with Carla's family in Brasil. Just a temperature difference of 40 degrees.

Whereever you are, take care and be well,


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  1. Pedro Says:

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    Greetings from Rio to both of you. This place is out of control dood! 5 chicks so far and the game have just started -- and I feel like a rookie compared to my buddies over here.

    Miss you man! (nothing to do with the "5 chicks stuff", though).


  2. David Says:

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    Cool dude!

    Not really the Christmas spirit I had on my mind but it's all good. Happy for you ;-)


  3. chumbo Says:

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    Pedro seu filho da puta - sai fora que o meu marido nao tem tempo pra vadia da boca do funk.
    Ademais, fica de gracinha que eu te encho a cara de alegria.

    Dona Encrenca

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